Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Titles, Shoes, and Scorpions

Titles.........I'm getting a new one. As I type this my big brother and his wife are in labor. I'll be Aunt Sarah tonight. Technically I'm already Aunt Sarah, but that's by marriage only. This time it's blood and I'm excited! Henry David will be making his appearance soon. I can't wait to see him and get to know him. He's blessed with some amazing parents, grandparents, cousins, and I hope a pretty good Aunt as well. I'm thinking I want a cool name though. Aunt Sarah sounds old and stuffy to me. I think I want to be Tia. I think that's Spanish for Aunt. Any other suggestions that are cute and make sense in some way are welcome.

Shoes........the ugly shoes have won. Let me explain, no, let me sum up. (movie reference there.....whoe can name it?) Crocs and croc-like shoes are ugly. I don't care how many people wear them out in public, they are still ugly. Everyone says, just try them on and you'll understand. So I did. And then I bought them and swore they would be only for the house and the yard. (By the way, I bought Airwalks at Payless because I'm WAY to cheap to spend money on the name itself!) Then this weird thing happened. I forgot I had them on.....and I went to the gorcery store. And then I forgot I had them on and I went over to a friends house, and then to church, and then to another friends house, and then to the ER (that story is next). Then this morning when I got out of my burb at the church building to work the nursery for Ladies' Class there they were, like they've just grown on at the end of my legs. That's when I gave up. It really wasn't intentional at any point. I'm sure Stacy and Clinton would really be disappointed in me, but I surrender. It's true. They're so stinking comfortable that at this point, I don't care that they're ugly. Besides, mine are pink and everything is cuter when it's pink.

Scorpions.........grrrrrrrr. As some of you may recall, not too long after moving into our new home I had to kill a scorpion in my house. Since then my bravery has increased. I've killed several others on our property, two in the house the rest outside. I had to kill another one yesterday. It was the biggest one I've killed so far. Guess how I found it........IT STUNG MY BABY!!!! Poor, sweet little Vivie was minding her own business crawling around and got a nice sting thanks to a rude and uninvited arachnid. No one asked him to come crawl around on my carpet (which happens to be the same collor he is). Certainly no one told him it would be fine for him to take his nasty little tail and sink into my baby's skin. Yet, he did it anyway. How rude. So, I freaked out. Vivie let out this blood curdling scream and when I came around the corner she was just sitting there screaming and the little ---beeep--- was crawling away from her. I picked her up and smashed him with my shoe several times. I told Paris to go in the bathroom and stay with Tripp (he was on the potty). I must have looked like a crazy woman because she didn't ask any questions. She just went in the bathroom, shut the door, and stayed there for like 20 minutes while I called the nurse-line and started trying to find where V got stung. In the end the nurse told me to bag the bug and head to the ER just to be safe. Easy got home during the phone call, so I was off to the ER. $100, and a Benedryl-Motrin cocktail later Vivie was fine. Apparently unless you have an allergic reaction to them, the scorpions in Texas aren't too toxic - they just hurt like heck. Needless to say I called the Fabulous Don Hancock this morning and he was here at 2:00 pm to treat our house. Death to arachnids everywhere. That't my motto and I'm sticking to it.


Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry that Vivie got stung by that ---- scorpion. Glad that she is better. Sorry that you have been 'caught' in public with your 'ugly' shoes on but they look so comfy. Congrats on becoming an Aunt. I agree with the name change not that your name is old by any means but I'm not Aunt Stephanie b/c I don't like that I'm Aunt Stephie. Good luck on a new 'name' and congrats to Matt and Kara and Henry.

Nellie said...

Actually, I kind of like Aunt Sarah. It doesn't sound stuffy to me. It sounds like a good role model, as in, "My Aunt Sarah says it's okay, so.... My Aunt Sarah is so cool, she . . My Aunt Sarah gave this to me, isn't it just the best...."

Glad Vivie is such a tough little Duchess. Ain't no scorpion gonna' slow that girl down!

Hope you are feeling better. We're heading in to Houston to see Hank (and his parents) shortly. I'll give him a kiss for you - whatever your name is! :)

AKat said...

Hi! Long story how I got here. It started with Deana's and I got there through another...anyway, I lived with baby Hank's mom in college! I'm Anna. Please give her my love and I'd love to see pics soon!!!

debralynne said...

Congratulations on the title...I can totally relate to the shoes, but I haven't worn mine out in public; just the garden. However, Stephanie swears by them.....Poor Viv. I'm glad she's doing better. I remember how bad those hurt. Hopefully they'll be smart enough to stay away now.

Take Care!

irene said...

Princess Bride!!