Thursday, May 17, 2007


Just thought I should update. None of the kittens survived. Rufus wouldn't step up and be a mommy and by the time got them to our favorite cousin Karla (the vet) it was really too late. They got to cold and the process of cleaning and warming and feeding them was more than their little systems could handle. Now we're just trying to take care of Rufus - having babies was hard on her body even though it didn't seem to phase her in any other way. Paris says that Driveway, Stroller, Quilt, and Last are all in heaven and God is taking care of them. She also wants to get another cat so it can have kittens and "maybe be a better mommy then Rufus." That's a NO from me and Easy - no more kittens.

Lesson learned - even though I think in principle that it was Easy's job to arrange the surgery to fix the cat (it is, afterall, his cousin that's the vet and he originally told me that Karla was going to come get the cat and take her in for the surgery), in the end my stubbornes cost me, not him. I was the one involved in birthing kittens and tube feeding kittens and making kittens go potty. In hindsight I should have just found a way to handle it myself and get her fixed. I know I will now.


Robinson Family said...

Wow! What an eventful week you've had. My little sis had a cat growing up, and the first time she birthed kittens she was the same way--completely disinterested in them. There were only 2, but neither of them made it. Being kids, and therefore obviously kitten-lovers, we were devastated. She did much better with her second litter. (Which surprisingly came VERY soon after the first!)

Your kitten names, by the way were hilarious---thanks for the giggle.

I'm glad to hear that Paris is doing well with the losses of the new kittens and an old furry friend, all in one week. I know it had to be hard for you (and the rest of the family) to loose Posum.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry that none of the kittens survived but I'm glad that Paris is taking it all so well. She reacts better to things than I think she will. You are an amazing mom and you have amazing kids. Love you.

jenny said...

I'm glad I got to read about what happened to the kittens. I was gettting most of My information from paris, and info from an almost 5-yr-old is always a little iffy. The birth of kittens was THE topic on Wednesday Circle Time, and we even read a little book about how cats grow up (conveniently on our shelf already). But now I think, "If I had just known the end result, I shouldn't have talked about cats so much!" Of course everyone in class who ever had a cat had to share something.

What a week for Paris! She was the star of the show last night, and I was so surprised! :-)