Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Snuggle Up!

I've found a new favorite thing. They're called Snuggles. I'm sure your think this is some sort of comfy shoe or blanket or pillow....but it's a food. Snuggles are a whole wheat bread product. Think hot dog bun, but without all the puffy air. They're great for housing sausage or hot dogs. Today I had chicken salad in them. he back of the package suggests trying some cream cheese on your favorite lunchmeat wrapped around a pickle inside. I haven't tried that yet, but it sounds good. Anyway, I'm just excited becasue they taste so good! When I was pregers with Tripp I developed an aversion to wheat bread. Since then I have wanted to replace the white sammie bread I usually use with a healthier option, but had yet to find one that tasted good to me. Snuggles fit the bill! They actually add good flavor to my food. Good and good for you (or at least better for you than white bread). I guess the down side is that like any other specialty item they aren't terribly cost effective. I'm use to paying less than a buck for a whole loaf of bread and Snuggles are $2 for 8. I think I'll keep the Snuggles for Mommy and let the kids eat the "cheap" bread!


Stephanie said...

The other night at your house they looked pretty cool and I thought about them last night as we were eating hot dogs on regular hot dog buns. I bet they would make a great 'sub' sammy. See you tomorrow.

Robinson Family said...

Are they like pita bread? Now you've got me curious!

BTW, I didn't get a chance to mention it in class tonight, but you look fabulous!

sarahdawn said...

They've got the same texture as regular bread. I got them at Kroger. I haven't looked to see if HEB has them yet or not. They were sort of in the deli department I think - not with the regular bread.

And thank you! I was thinking the same thing about you tonight! Of course, you've got a glow that I may never have again!