Monday, May 05, 2008


what to post about.........

Perhaps I could tell you that when you lock your keys in the car with your 2 year old inside that Pop-a-Lock calls the fired department and they show up in a big red fire truck to rescue you.

Or maybe you'd like to know that when your 5 year old daughter thinks it would be fun to throw a kiwi-sized stone straight up into the air, luck would have it that it will land on your 2 year old daughters a neighbors house.......where you've never been before......and the entire neighborhood is there for a social thing.

Maybe I should tell you that Easy is SWAMPED at work and that even though job security is a good thing, I'm feeling a bit like a single parent some days.

Or maybe I should tell you that while I'm sitting here sipping my french vanilla coffee my sweet Little Bug is pulling all of my swiffer products out of their boxes beause she thinks they are lovies - and she can easily get to them because after nearly two years in our house we still have no cabinet doors.

Instead of all that - I think I really want to say that life is crazy, but God is good. Happy Monday friends!