Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey Mom!

This post is for my mother.


We had a conversation in the car the other day and I feel compelled to comment further. It was regarding your career in education. You said something about listening to your gut. I'm sure you're with me now. So, here's what I have to say after thinking about that conversation.

You may not have listened to your gut, but I fully believe you listened to God. Had you followed your gut instinct, you could still be "happily" working away in education. Clearly, God had other plans for you. Because you listened to Him and yielded to pressure that may have felt like pushing, you made an impact in MANY children's lives. You started a process that has cleaned up a personnel issue (or two, or three) so that you left education a better place for children. You took care of your mom when she needed you. You took care of me when I needed you. You will take care of Matt & Kara when they need you. And more important than anything, you've started a new part of your journey with God that is amazing. It has impacted me in ways I can not begin to explain. I am so grateful.

So, your gut may have a regret or two, but my prayer for you is that your heart does not. You are an amazing mom, teacher, leader, Graggie, and friend. I am blessed by you every minute of the day. I love you. Now, post something on your blog!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bye Bye Fishie!

We are one less pet today in our house! Paris has had the pretty male beta fish for some time. She was bored with it. I was bored with it. Paris wanted to get some new guppies (go-bees in her language), but you can't do that with a beta. We had willfully been trying to "let Fishie go." Easy told me I couldn't just flush it. Paris thought maybe her Daddy could shoot it, but he said that wasn't a good idea. (can you tell she lives in a hunting family?) So, Paris and I decided we would just not feed it or clean it's tank. He wouldn't die. Seriously, we hadn't fed the guy in two weeks and he was happily swimming around in a very murky tank like nothing was wrong.

So, last night I had my monthly babysitting co-op meeting at my house. My wonderful friend Stephanie was in the kitchen with some of the other ladies and when I walked in she told me that she's given Fishie to Erin! Joy! Glee! Really? You want the fish? Let me me get him out, and here's his food. Oh, I'm so glad he's going to a good home. Bye bye Fishie!

Turns out Fishie will be the first pet at their house. I think he'll make a good one - he certainly is hardy! I did tell her that he hadn't been fed in quite some time so he will probably be hungry. I hope they enjoy the little guy. Now Paris and I just need to clean out the tank and get it set up to put 2 guppies in. (and an o-cat a little later) Wish us luck. We've tried guppies before and lost I think a total of 5. I think we were trying to put too many in our little tank. We did three plus the feeder fish and I think that was too much. Plus I think we overfed them. So, we're going to do just 2 this time and see how it goes. I better go - I need to get everyone dressed and out the door. Have a great day!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Conversation with Paris

Paris: Mom! Come look at my mess!

Mom: (walking towards the hall tentatively with a bit of fear in her step, sees a large pile of stuffed animals surrounded by Little People toys.) Wow, that's some mess!

Paris: neh-ssssssssss-TTTTTTT!

Mom: Oh, I misunderstood. That's a nice nest.

Paris: Why would I show you a mess?

Mom: (not sure how to respond without dripping in sarcasm remains silent and lets the conversation end)

Friday, April 06, 2007


It's been a rough week. So, I thought today I would focus on blessings. Here are 5 people that have serisouly blessed my life this week.

1. My mommy. She let Paris (and me) call her as many as 4 times a day during this stuck at home illness. It cheered up Paris and it kept me sane.

2. Irene Campbell. If you want to know how Irene has been such a blessing, go read my other blog. The link is in the column on the side.

3. Kelly Garrett. Kelly gave me a big stash of XS Sports Drink that I am absolutely convinced helped stop the fever in my house. Thank you Kelly for the tip and the supply!

4. Stephanie Ray. Stephanie not only handled Ladies' Class for me (along with Erika - also a blessing!), she kept Vivian for me yesterday for a few hours and then let me sit at her table to eat my lunch so I didn't have to drive all the way home before picking up Tripp from school.

5. Sheila Walsh. I'm reading her newest book and this week it has really made me have some revelations about myself and how I stand before God. I can't wait to keep reading. The title, if you're interested, is God has a Dream for your Life.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And the Fever Goes On

Vivie has been fever free for 24 hours!!! And her spots are fading!! There's hope, there's light, there is an end to this virus. I ran less fever yesterday. Today I'm good so far, but it didn't go up until after lunch yesterday so we will wait and see. Tripp got it yesterday. Paris still has it. They both had nearly 103 yesterday and woke up with 102 this morning. No school. No Easter parties. I have some very sad children. Maybe we'll hide eggs in the house since they can't go to school tomorrow. I did tell Paris that if she is fever free with no medicine from noon today until noon tomorrow that we MIGHT let her go to her party. Not sure how I'll pull that off since Tripp won't be able to go up to school at all. Who knows. All I know right now is that Vivian is better and she is the light at the end of the virus tunnel of doom.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Saga Continues

So, I thought we were getting better. Vivie got a clean bill of health from the pneumonia, Paris forehead wound is healing up nicely. Life looked great for about 4 days. Friday Vivie spiked a fever and broke out in a weird looking rash. The nurse said it was viral and not to bring her in unless the fever lasted more than 3 days or the red spots turned purple. Sunday, after getting to go to church all by myself, I came home to find Vivie running 102.2 on Motrin and her rash spreading to engulf every inch of skin imaginable. So, off to Urgent Care we went. I'm glad we're going to Nana's next weekend so I'll be able to avoid Scott & White for a whole weekend! The pedi there said it definitely looked like a virus and that her lungs, throat, ears, and nose were perfectly clear. If she's still running a fever on Tuesday we're supposed to call back. Oh, and he said that the spots will probably outlast the fever by several days. It's going to be a beautiful first Easter for her!

And of course, she has learned how to share. Normally sharing is a good thing in our house. It is something to be applauded and praised. Sharing a virus is not to be praised. Paris spiked a fever last night and is still running one. No school for her tomorrow. And then my sweet, sweet daughters shared the virus with me. 101 temp anyone? I'd gladly give mine away. Fortunately, Paris and I don't have the spots so at least we are spared something.

So, today, more than anything I've thought how nice it will be when my Dad retires and my folks move up here. Then at least my mom could come get the one healthy child left and take him to her house. How many days left, Dad?