Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Baby (Girl) Brain

Well, I've been trying to blog for almost a week and thought that blogger was having an attack of stupid. I kept getting this incorrect password deal and I'd try to fix it only to have it go nuts again in a matter of minutes. Turns out I was just not remembering my username properly and was also not reading all of the info they sent me to "fix" the problem. Apparently I am the one having an attack of some kind. Instead of stupid though, I'll just call it baby brain.

If you've never been pregnant, jsut let me warn you that your brain power decreases as the baby grows. You will NEVER recover all of it which means as you continue to have more children you start with less each time. I'm thinking that the mom in Yours, Mine, & Ours had no brain left at all and was simply functioning out of habit. So, consider yourself warned.

Now for the real's a girl!!! I have mixed feelings on that announcement. Easy had almost convinved me it was a boy, so I'd really been thinking about all things male. Now I have to shift gears and get ready for hair bows and shoes all over again. Of course, I'll get to do some things I didn't with Paris. Things like buy a really cute pink outfit to bring her home in. We didn't know what Paris was going to be so she came home in a white polo shirt with a duck on the collar. I'll also get to make the nursery a girl's room. Again, something Paris had in a completely neutral fashion. So, I'm warming to the idea and there's a little part of me that is even excited at the prospect of more estrogen than testosterone in the house.

For those that are curious...her name will be Vivian Faith. Easy had an Aunt Vivian that was tragically killed as a young woman. I never knew Vivian. She was the youngest of his mom's siblings (I think), and her death impacted them all. It is a beautiful name and I am beyond happy that Becky (my MIL) is pleased with our choice. It feels so absolutely right I can hardly even explain it. I think this baby's conception and her name are complete and total "God things."

Enough's time to put the kids down for "rest time" and attempt to get some laundry done and maybe even rest a bit myself.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Magic Words

I went to the doctor today. Looks like little Foster is growing right on schedule. I'm in the midst of the really quick, "everything looks good" series of visits. No tests, no bloodwork. Just your basic weigh-in and blood pressure. Of course, we did hear the heartbeat. That's always amazing. The little munchkin was quite active and made my doctor chase around to catch the heartbeat. It doesn't matter how many times you hear it, that little pulsing, swooshing sound just takes your breath away. I wish I could say that was my favorite part of the visit today...but it wasn't.

My favorite part involved those amazing magical words that all pregnant women want to hear. The doctor is looking over my chart, studying my numbers and lab results, and then she says it..."weight looks good." Do you hear the angels singing? I did.

I was a bit concerned, as most women are, that I was perhaps ballooning a little too fast. Craving M&Ms hasn't helped. I keep telling myself that I'm not really eating that much, but it's hard to be convincing when my belly is clearly protruding. So, today was a relief. A pound a week at this point is what the "experts" say is OK and that's exactly what I did.

It was just a nice reminder that God engineered my body to work a certain way and as long as I'm listening to it (and Him) I'll be fine. Sometimes my body craves M&Ms, sometimes broccoli or soy milk, and yes, sometimes a peanut butter, mayo, and pickle sandwich. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I feel Compelled

I'm writing not to insight the fury of anyone today, but simply because I feel compelled to do so. I will be going to vote today. I think it is my duty, my responsibility, my right. Reading so much lately about the issues in this constitutional vote has got me thinking and here's what I came up with:

When I was younger and fancied myself a liberal (mostly because my family wasn't). I used to think very differently. I used to say things like "Well, personally I feel this way, but politically I fell this other way." I would vehemently explain myself and talk about America and what it means. I understand that logic and view point without a doubt.

Now I'm older and in a much different place in my journey. What I have learned is this: I put God first above everything in my life. Yes, above my children and my husband. In order for me to do that I have to do everything I can to live by His word and to help others do the same. I never shove my views down someone else's throat, but do my best to simply live my life as Christ-like as I can and talk with others when the Spirit leads me to or they ask. It's that living my life part that has made a shift. If I am to be true to who I am in Christ I must, yes I said MUST, align my political views with my personal beliefs. To be any other way is living a lie.

That's all I have to say. I hope ALL of you go vote today and that your vote is congruent with your faith.