Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey Mom!

This post is for my mother.


We had a conversation in the car the other day and I feel compelled to comment further. It was regarding your career in education. You said something about listening to your gut. I'm sure you're with me now. So, here's what I have to say after thinking about that conversation.

You may not have listened to your gut, but I fully believe you listened to God. Had you followed your gut instinct, you could still be "happily" working away in education. Clearly, God had other plans for you. Because you listened to Him and yielded to pressure that may have felt like pushing, you made an impact in MANY children's lives. You started a process that has cleaned up a personnel issue (or two, or three) so that you left education a better place for children. You took care of your mom when she needed you. You took care of me when I needed you. You will take care of Matt & Kara when they need you. And more important than anything, you've started a new part of your journey with God that is amazing. It has impacted me in ways I can not begin to explain. I am so grateful.

So, your gut may have a regret or two, but my prayer for you is that your heart does not. You are an amazing mom, teacher, leader, Graggie, and friend. I am blessed by you every minute of the day. I love you. Now, post something on your blog!!!


Mary Lou said...

Yes, Graggie, post something on your blog!

Sarah, that was absolutely one of the sweetest notes of encouragement any daughter could give her mother. Your mom is truly something special. I'm very glad to be her friend.

Nellie said...

You are so precious! Thank you for your words. I am blessed that you are my daughter!

Toppooch said...

I have to add something. I noticed once retirement came along that your mom was much more able to get involved with events and goings-on at church. It was a pleasure to see her jumping in and serving in ways she would not have been able to had she been at work!

That God ... He seems to know what He's doing. :)

Sarah P said...

I second that. We sure love Momma Nell!