Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Easy and I will be traveling via airplane soon so I was checking out the new restrictions. One product that is allowed struck me as funny. For the most part you are not allowed liquids or gells of any kind. There are a few formula/food, small amounts of breastmilk, up to 4oz of saline solution, prescription meds, and.........drumroll please..........up to 4oz of KY Jelly? Hmmmmmmmmmm

In other news, school has started. The kids are loving it and so am I. Both P & T have great classes with friends in them. T picked up his first tummy bug of the school year. I've been told it lasts about three days. I hope no one else gets it.

And one last tid bit. We've been talking a lot about whether or not we are done having babies. We're probably 90% sure were done. We got a little affirmation on that. Last week some friends of ours had a baby boy and named him Brody. That happens to be the name we would have used had V been a boy! So, the last name we had in our little name bank has been used! So, I'm thinking if the name bank is empty, perhaps the baby oven better stay that way.