Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lunchroom Virgin

At least I was until today. I volunteered at Paris' school today in the cafeteria. Wow, what an experience. I have never squirted so many ketchup smiley faces in all my life. (it was hamburger/chicken sandwich day w/fries.) The kids were all really sweet and very glad to have help opening their milk cartons and yogurts. I quickly figured out that one little boy never actually needed anything, he just wanted you to come talk to him. And then there were all the raise your hand so you can tattle kids. I think the words "Well, just ignore him." came out of my mouth about 20 times. Those and "walking feet please," "keep your hands to your self," and "eat your lunch."

My favorite part of the day was a conversation I had with a sweet little boy. It went like this:

Sweet Boy: Do you have a baby? Do have a baby in your tummy?

Me: Nope, I don't have a baby in my tummy.

Sweet Boy: Then why does it look like you do?

Nice, huh? And to think, I've been feeling so good about loosing 25 lbs!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Don't Put a Triceratops in Your Pants

How's that for a strange sentence? I find that as a parent I say the most ridiculous things sometimes. Here's the conversation I had with Paris on the way home from school today. (She got a wind up triceratops toy from the treasure chest for getting a sticker in her chart every day.)

Paris: Mommy, do you know where I put the triceratops that's funny?

Me: Where?

Paris: Under my panties!

Me: I don't think that's a very good place for a triceratops.

Paris: I didn't put him IN my panties where my lady parts are. I put him UNDER my panties. (she was wearing a skirt with built-in shorts)

Me: I still don't think that's a very good place for a triceratops.

Paris: But Mommy, it's like a tunnel!

Me: Paris, don't put a triceratops in your pants.

Paris: OK.

Won't she just die one day if she realizes how many stories of hers I blogged about?

Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm looking for input today. I've been looking at options for extra curricular stuff for Paris. We considered dance, but she wasn't really sure about that when she found out we would have to pull her hair up every time no matter what (she detests a pony tail). She love to dance, but I know her pretty well and I just wasn't convinced we should commit to the kind of $ and time dance would require. Most of the sports flyers we have gotten so far she isn't old enough to participate with since she just turned 5 in June. We got something that was for Daddys and daughters through the YMCA, but it looked like A LOT of camping and we have no camping equipment. So Friday we got the Girl Scout flyer sent home from school and I think I'm interested in that.

I got on line and looked over the website. They appear to be based in good values and I'm very much in favor of developing leadership skills. I know that Paris has some very natural take-charge genes and I think anything that will help her develop what may be bossiness and sass now into strong leadership abilities is a good thing. I wasn't a Girl Scout, but I was always interested. I even made my dad take me to a meeting in late elementary school to check it out but that's as far as it got - seemed like it was a little late in the game to join. Easy was a Boy Scout, but he claims that the two organizations are completely foreign entities so he has no input on Girl Scouts. So, I'm asking for your input here. If you have scouting experience of any kind and have positive or even not so positive input - please share! And I would love input from both childhood experience and if you have any parent experience I would love that too. Thanks!

Monday, September 03, 2007

My Crazy Fall Schedule

Just in case any of you are wondering what I'll be doing with my time this fall I thought I'd post my fall schedule. Pray for me friends. I have no doubt I'm doing the things I'm supposed to be doing, I just know that I know that I know that it will take God to give me the energy and peace to be a positive light in the midst of it. Keep in mind that each day starts at 5:00 AM with my morning run, followed by shower, quiet time, and then helping Paris start her day at 6:45. At least 4 hours of my 10 hour work week will be done from home. And, oh yeah, don't forget all the stuff to make the house run - laundry, cooking, cleaning, and of course some PLAY time with my kids!

Sunday - Go to church and make sure the nursery is staffed and running smoothly.

Monday - Paris has school. Keep P&E from 10-1. That will be four children in the house with Tripp being the oldest.

Tuesday - P to school. T&V have Sonshine school from 9:00-1:30. I keep my office hours at church the entire time they are at SSS. We will go straight to pick up P since it would be a waste of gas and time to go home first. Hopefully the littles will sleep in the car and I'll get some reading done while I'm waiting in the pick-up line.

Wednesday - P to school. Ladies' Bible class at 9:30. Church that night at 7:00.

Thursday - P to school. T&V to SSS. Run all errands, have all appointments etc... during this time as it is my only chance to do those things without the kids.

Friday - P to school. T&V to Stephanie's by 9:00 so I can work a few hours at church. I'll pick them up by noon.

Saturday - No alarms. No plans. Praise God.