Sunday, June 24, 2007

My daughter is 5.

I don't understand how that happened exactly. I mean, I know I've been around for the last five years watching her grow up, but somehow it jsut doesn't seem possible that she's 5 and about to start kindergarten.

5 years ago I was one exhausted woman right about now. If memory serves me correctly, we were probably rubbing a cold wash cloth on a beautiful newborn trying to get her to wake up enough to attempt nursing. I have to say, she was stubborn even a few hours after entering the world. (I suppose some things don't really change.) Now it's all I can do to get her to go to sleep at night.

It amazes me to know how much she has grown and developed in the last five years. From being so totally dependent on me (and her daddy and her Graggie) to care for her to this amazingly beuatiful girl that loves fiercly and takes challenge on with zeal. Don't get me wrong, she still has her moments when "I can't" is all she says and she really wants me to do things for her that she is totally capable of herself. But she is just so brave and friendly and flamboyant. (Not sure if I spelled that right, but anyone who hangs out with us knows the word fits!) And soon she's going to the "Big K" where she'll have new friends and new adventures and all new challenges. (Like being quiet and being away from me and her siblings "ALL day")

I guess as I sit here thinking of the last 5 years I realize how blessed I am. I have an amazing family. God has brought us through some major challenges in the last five years. Knowing that and looking out in my backyard this evening watching my hunky hubby push 2 of our three kids on the swingset and hearing our 3rd babble quietly through the baby monitor gives me such tremendous peace. God has brought us to this place. I know we will face all sorts of things in the next 5 years, but I'm not worried. God got us here and I know He has a plan for where we will be in five years. I know He will see us through every trial we face. I know He will be sitting there with Paris on her first day of kindergarten and that He will amazingly be sitting with me at the same moment as I'm sure I will have a "big cry" when I get home from dropping her off. His constant presence is what gets me through my everday and I know He won't ever let me down.

Father, thank you for the last five years. I have no idea what the next 5 will be like, but as long as you're steering the ship, I'm up for the ride. Let's set sail.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Danger Girl Strikes Again!

She's cute. She's tan. She has great hair. She's adventurous and brave...........and she gets hurt.........a lot. Never heard of Danger Girl? Here's her track record:

Age 7 months - attempting to walk a little prematurely and falls, hitting head on a window sill. Results in 3 stitches in the left eyebrow. Mother is left with a major migraine.

Age 12 months - falls down a full flight of stairs head over feet (over head over feet) and escapes unscathed. Her mother had a breakdown as she witnessed the whole thing.

Age 2 1/2 years - in her excitement over her first Christmas at home she flies out of the bathroom and runs into the corner of the wall. Results in another 3 stitches in left eyebrow. Mother and Father and left exhausted, but no migraine ensues. Several days later she hits her stitches at a good friends house and busts the wound open again. Several days after that while letting a cousin's dog literally drag her around the yard by a rope, she busts it open a second time.

Age 4 1/2 - bounding over the ottoman, she takes a little tumble and bounces her head off a wooden chest. Mother, now used to the sight of a bleeding head scoops her up and tells Father to get off the potty so he can take us to the ER. Fearing stitches are in the near future, Danger Girl show a rare moment of fear as she totally FREAKS OUT at the idea of the ER. A quick change in approach calms her as she is convinced they are only going to Scott & White, not the ER. One very large blob of dermabond later she's all better. Mother and Father are a little tired.

And most recently, a mere week and a half from her 5th birthday she attempts scaling the local mall treehouse from the outside. Result? A nasty little scrape and a bruised, possibly hairline fractured, rib. Mother and Father, now used to injuries and somewhat doubtful of her whines and complaints (did I mention she also maquerades as Drama Girl?) let it be over night and take her to the doctor nearly 24 hours after the injury. No real course of treatment other than a few days of Motrin. Mother thinks briefly of feeling guilty for not taking her in sooner, then banishes the thought as she gets lunch ready for Danger/Drama Girl and her little brother Number Man and baby sister The Cuteness.

So, if you spend time with this family..................Keep your eyes open, and your hand on the phone, Danger Girl may strike near you!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quite a Surprise!

If you've been following my Temple Remodel (link is in the sidebar) you know that I purchased some workout videos to use on Wednesday afternoons to get another cardio day in my schedule. So, today is Wednesday and I got started. The video I used today I bought at Half Price Books. (actually, I sold them enough books that I didn't have to spend any money out of pocket!) I looked it over in the store. It's call Jazzthetics I think. I thought it was a good buy because it's a 2-sided DVD with 2 workouts on side A and 3 on side B. So, I got the little ones off to rest time and Paris was excited to watch me "dance" in the living room. Trying to decide where to start I thoroughly read the back of the case and see that side A is 2 35 minute jazz workouts hosted by.........Traci Lords?!?!?!? uh-oh. So, I thought to myself that maybe this, um, person actually made a workout video. Afterall, she must have a fabulous body to make her money in that industry she's so famous for. I plug it in and see a few of the pics on the main menu and decide it's probably not the video I'll be using while my almost 5 year old is watching me dance! Good thing there was a side B. It was hokey, but it made me sweat and there were even a few parts I couldn't do so I'm guessing it will do what I need it to do - at least for a while. I find myself very releived that I bought another video brand new at Target - it does NOT have Traci Lords in it.

Oh, and just so you know, once Paris went to rest I plugged in Side A just to see what it was. I suppose you could call it an exercise video, but I won't be using it. All I saw was Traci Lords in a tiny bikini bottom, sports bra, and ballet flats (all in canary yellow) making a kind of serious, stare intently at the camera while pouting a little face while stretching. I watched just long enough to hear the instructor (a voice over) start the work out with.....hip rolls. Than I hear from behind me in Paris' sweet little voice, "Wow Mommy, she's really pretty." That was the end of the video. And to Ms. Traci Lords I say this,"My daughter thinks you are beautiful and that is exactly how God made you. I pray for you today that you allow God to make your entire life as beautiful as He wants it to be. And no mam, I will not be using your video."

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Relaxing in to Summer

Not much going on around here. I'm settling into our new routine for the summer. We're playing with friends and getting some exercise. You can see a more accurate look at what's going on if your read my other blog. The link is in my sidebar.

Kids are doing well. Paris is having a hard time adjusting to an increase in physical activity. She keep saying she's tired and her legs are sore. When it's time to run in the splash pad or play on the playground however, her body feel sjust fine. She resists structure. Kindergarten will be interesting. I did get her registered for that yesterday so we're good to go come the end of August. Tripp is doing well. He's talking more and more. The potty thing is getting better ins ome areas and staying slow in others. I'm just doing my best to stay patient and not push him too much. He's a sensitive little dude so we just keep praising all the good stuff and being as non-reactive as possible when he has an accident. Vivie is growing and babbling all the time. She is cruising furniture well now. I even saw her stand all by her self for a few seconds the other day. Again, I'm not rushing this process. She'll walk when she's good and ready.

I guess that 's about it. We're just finding our groove for the summer months and really enjoying all the time we're spending with friends. I hope you are all enjoying your summer!