Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3F Summer

That's what I'm having this year. It going to be filled with Friendship, Fitness, and Fun! I have 3 girlfriends (Stephanie, Erika, & Kara) who are working with me to create a healthier lifestlye for ourselves and our kids. Our goal is to stay sane, loose a few ( a more than a few) pounds, and have a lot of fun with our children. We will be walking several days a week, having a pool day each week, and going to the movies some. (There's a Summer Movie Clubhouse that show kid movies at 9:30 am for cheap!) More than anything we will hold each other accountable, let each other vent, encourage one another and above all those, love each other as the sisters in Christ we are. I am grateful today for my 3F girlfriends and the plans we have made for the coming months. What ar you doing with your summer?


Stephanie said...

I'm so excited to get this summer started. Thomas is so excited about walking. He doesn't even know about the splash pad yet. I'm keeping that one a secret for now. Can't wait and see you on Monday! Love ya!

mcewen said...

Now that's what I call a 'personal support system'. Good for you - all of you.
Best wishes