Friday, May 25, 2007

No Baptizing

Yesterday I watched a friend's boys for about 5 hours. One of them is Paris' age and if you've been around her much you have surely heard about him. She is, afterall, planning to marry this young man. He and his older brother were here yesterday. The kids were having a blast. I got our little pool set up so they could splash around. Right about the time I got everything set up and they really started having fun, Vivian decided she wanted to go inside and have lunch. So, I opened the back windows and gave the big kids a warning that I would be just inside and that I would be able to see them and hear them while I fed Vivie and got Tripp into some dry clothes. (He was cold so he wanted to go in too.) As I'm getting things ready in the house the big kids start to get a little rambunctious. I listen closing and hear the following:

Young D: No, D----!

Paris: Me either, that's scary!

Young D: D----! I said no!

Older D: Who wants to be baptized!?! (as he tries to shove his little brothers head in the water)

Paris: Let him go!

Older D: Who wants to be baptized!?!

And before I know it I hear myself saying..........

"No baptizing in my pool!!"

I'm not sure if that was appropriate or not. It's definitely one of those sentences that made me laught the minute it came out of my mouth. No one grows up thinking "When I grow up one of my rules will be 'No baptizing in my pool.'" I suppose if my little pool was needed for a baptism I would gladly oblige. It would be important, however, that all participants in the process were willing. Yesterday that was clearly not the case.

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like Paris and the D's had lots of fun. Have a great weekend and be careful traveling. See you on Monday.