Monday, April 09, 2007

Conversation with Paris

Paris: Mom! Come look at my mess!

Mom: (walking towards the hall tentatively with a bit of fear in her step, sees a large pile of stuffed animals surrounded by Little People toys.) Wow, that's some mess!

Paris: neh-ssssssssss-TTTTTTT!

Mom: Oh, I misunderstood. That's a nice nest.

Paris: Why would I show you a mess?

Mom: (not sure how to respond without dripping in sarcasm remains silent and lets the conversation end)


Nellie said...

You never made such NESTS as a child. Oh no, never! :-)

ircampbell said...

Whew! You are good to not respond. Good job on the self-control. At very least I would've laughed very hard and gotten a "why are you laughing?" look. Cute story!

Robinson Family said...

HAHAHA! That made my morning! Good call on the failure to respond. (And kudos for being brave enough to investigate the potential mess)