Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And the Fever Goes On

Vivie has been fever free for 24 hours!!! And her spots are fading!! There's hope, there's light, there is an end to this virus. I ran less fever yesterday. Today I'm good so far, but it didn't go up until after lunch yesterday so we will wait and see. Tripp got it yesterday. Paris still has it. They both had nearly 103 yesterday and woke up with 102 this morning. No school. No Easter parties. I have some very sad children. Maybe we'll hide eggs in the house since they can't go to school tomorrow. I did tell Paris that if she is fever free with no medicine from noon today until noon tomorrow that we MIGHT let her go to her party. Not sure how I'll pull that off since Tripp won't be able to go up to school at all. Who knows. All I know right now is that Vivian is better and she is the light at the end of the virus tunnel of doom.

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Marlin said...

Dennis was a bit hesitant to let you see his blog. I think it's because you're going to see the sensitive man I fell in love with! Let me know what e-mail you have on file to access the blog stuff and he will let you in. :)