Friday, April 06, 2007


It's been a rough week. So, I thought today I would focus on blessings. Here are 5 people that have serisouly blessed my life this week.

1. My mommy. She let Paris (and me) call her as many as 4 times a day during this stuck at home illness. It cheered up Paris and it kept me sane.

2. Irene Campbell. If you want to know how Irene has been such a blessing, go read my other blog. The link is in the column on the side.

3. Kelly Garrett. Kelly gave me a big stash of XS Sports Drink that I am absolutely convinced helped stop the fever in my house. Thank you Kelly for the tip and the supply!

4. Stephanie Ray. Stephanie not only handled Ladies' Class for me (along with Erika - also a blessing!), she kept Vivian for me yesterday for a few hours and then let me sit at her table to eat my lunch so I didn't have to drive all the way home before picking up Tripp from school.

5. Sheila Walsh. I'm reading her newest book and this week it has really made me have some revelations about myself and how I stand before God. I can't wait to keep reading. The title, if you're interested, is God has a Dream for your Life.

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Stephanie said...

Thank you for listing me as one of your blessings. You too were a blessing to me yesterday. Just having you, Paris, and Vivie around helped make yesterday not as bad as I had expected. I too think Shelia Walsh is a blessing. This book is going to be a real eye opener for me and make me come to terms with somethings. Love you!