Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bye Bye Fishie!

We are one less pet today in our house! Paris has had the pretty male beta fish for some time. She was bored with it. I was bored with it. Paris wanted to get some new guppies (go-bees in her language), but you can't do that with a beta. We had willfully been trying to "let Fishie go." Easy told me I couldn't just flush it. Paris thought maybe her Daddy could shoot it, but he said that wasn't a good idea. (can you tell she lives in a hunting family?) So, Paris and I decided we would just not feed it or clean it's tank. He wouldn't die. Seriously, we hadn't fed the guy in two weeks and he was happily swimming around in a very murky tank like nothing was wrong.

So, last night I had my monthly babysitting co-op meeting at my house. My wonderful friend Stephanie was in the kitchen with some of the other ladies and when I walked in she told me that she's given Fishie to Erin! Joy! Glee! Really? You want the fish? Let me me get him out, and here's his food. Oh, I'm so glad he's going to a good home. Bye bye Fishie!

Turns out Fishie will be the first pet at their house. I think he'll make a good one - he certainly is hardy! I did tell her that he hadn't been fed in quite some time so he will probably be hungry. I hope they enjoy the little guy. Now Paris and I just need to clean out the tank and get it set up to put 2 guppies in. (and an o-cat a little later) Wish us luck. We've tried guppies before and lost I think a total of 5. I think we were trying to put too many in our little tank. We did three plus the feeder fish and I think that was too much. Plus I think we overfed them. So, we're going to do just 2 this time and see how it goes. I better go - I need to get everyone dressed and out the door. Have a great day!


Stephanie said...

Glad that I could help with the fish issue. Enjoy your new fish.

erin said...

Just so everyone knows: Fishie didn't survive the transition. So the Jonese are 0 for 1 with pets.

irene said...

just fyi, also keep in mind i've never owned fish....BUT i heard that you can "save" a fish by putting squashed peas in the water when you find them belly-up. something worth googling. poor, poor joneses!

Mary Lou said...

I am having some problem with the whole "fish as a pet" concept here. Pets are to be petted. The boys had fish when they were little too. They never petted one of them. But I will say our cat thought our fish tank was her personal TV. Of course, we had to put a lighted cover on the tank when our cat also thought it was her personal Sushi bar. But then she'd sit alongside the tank and watch the little swimmers going back and forth in the tank. BTW, cats, dogs, even goats and rabbits are pets. But fish? Well I guess Paris could play with them if she had a pole and hook. Ha. Just kidding. Enjoy the guppies.
(sorry for my warped sense of humor)

Toppooch said...

My dad and I have had several discussions about guppies over the last year and a half. Trini got a small aquarium from Santa in 2005. He's really not so bright. LOL!

Anyway, the main fish she wanted were guppies. We couldn't keep them alive for anything.

Used to they were the most resilient things but I heard and read from several people that they aren't like they used to be.

Anyway, we finally got a pair to stay alive for several months. We even ended up with baby guppies! They all perished before we moved but it is possible.

You're supposed to have like 1" worth of fish for every gallon your tank holds. We were overcrowded for sure.

Good luck!