Monday, April 02, 2007

The Saga Continues

So, I thought we were getting better. Vivie got a clean bill of health from the pneumonia, Paris forehead wound is healing up nicely. Life looked great for about 4 days. Friday Vivie spiked a fever and broke out in a weird looking rash. The nurse said it was viral and not to bring her in unless the fever lasted more than 3 days or the red spots turned purple. Sunday, after getting to go to church all by myself, I came home to find Vivie running 102.2 on Motrin and her rash spreading to engulf every inch of skin imaginable. So, off to Urgent Care we went. I'm glad we're going to Nana's next weekend so I'll be able to avoid Scott & White for a whole weekend! The pedi there said it definitely looked like a virus and that her lungs, throat, ears, and nose were perfectly clear. If she's still running a fever on Tuesday we're supposed to call back. Oh, and he said that the spots will probably outlast the fever by several days. It's going to be a beautiful first Easter for her!

And of course, she has learned how to share. Normally sharing is a good thing in our house. It is something to be applauded and praised. Sharing a virus is not to be praised. Paris spiked a fever last night and is still running one. No school for her tomorrow. And then my sweet, sweet daughters shared the virus with me. 101 temp anyone? I'd gladly give mine away. Fortunately, Paris and I don't have the spots so at least we are spared something.

So, today, more than anything I've thought how nice it will be when my Dad retires and my folks move up here. Then at least my mom could come get the one healthy child left and take him to her house. How many days left, Dad?


Stephanie said...

Get well soon and take care of yourself and the kiddos. Love you!

erin said...

So sorry you're sick! It's the pits. Hope you get better soon.