Sunday, June 24, 2007

My daughter is 5.

I don't understand how that happened exactly. I mean, I know I've been around for the last five years watching her grow up, but somehow it jsut doesn't seem possible that she's 5 and about to start kindergarten.

5 years ago I was one exhausted woman right about now. If memory serves me correctly, we were probably rubbing a cold wash cloth on a beautiful newborn trying to get her to wake up enough to attempt nursing. I have to say, she was stubborn even a few hours after entering the world. (I suppose some things don't really change.) Now it's all I can do to get her to go to sleep at night.

It amazes me to know how much she has grown and developed in the last five years. From being so totally dependent on me (and her daddy and her Graggie) to care for her to this amazingly beuatiful girl that loves fiercly and takes challenge on with zeal. Don't get me wrong, she still has her moments when "I can't" is all she says and she really wants me to do things for her that she is totally capable of herself. But she is just so brave and friendly and flamboyant. (Not sure if I spelled that right, but anyone who hangs out with us knows the word fits!) And soon she's going to the "Big K" where she'll have new friends and new adventures and all new challenges. (Like being quiet and being away from me and her siblings "ALL day")

I guess as I sit here thinking of the last 5 years I realize how blessed I am. I have an amazing family. God has brought us through some major challenges in the last five years. Knowing that and looking out in my backyard this evening watching my hunky hubby push 2 of our three kids on the swingset and hearing our 3rd babble quietly through the baby monitor gives me such tremendous peace. God has brought us to this place. I know we will face all sorts of things in the next 5 years, but I'm not worried. God got us here and I know He has a plan for where we will be in five years. I know He will see us through every trial we face. I know He will be sitting there with Paris on her first day of kindergarten and that He will amazingly be sitting with me at the same moment as I'm sure I will have a "big cry" when I get home from dropping her off. His constant presence is what gets me through my everday and I know He won't ever let me down.

Father, thank you for the last five years. I have no idea what the next 5 will be like, but as long as you're steering the ship, I'm up for the ride. Let's set sail.


Nellie said...


Perkins said...

sniff-sniff! :) Maybe we should all have counseling together that first week of the "Big K". I can't even think about it right now. It's fun that we're all in this together. There aren't enough words to describe the last 5 years, huh? God is GOOD...that's an understatement.
Love ya, sister.

Robinson Family said...

You're all choking me up...and I'm 4 years back...I just hope I can approach "Big K" with as much confidence and enthusiasm (read: peace and trust) as you do!

Stephanie said...

Hang in there! Everything will be ok. Call me if you need me. Love ya!

Mary Lou said...

Take your same post, save it 30 years down the road, replace all parental references to grandparent names and all siblings to grandkids and it will still fit. I still watch my own kids who are 30, 28, 25 with tears in my eyes and wonder how we got where we are. You, Sarah, are your parent's wonderment. We don't know how all of you got so intelligent and strong. God only knows. Bless you sweetie, enjoy the next 5, 10, 20, 30...years.

Traca said...

Aubrey will be three on the 4th - I can't believe it either!