Thursday, June 14, 2007

Danger Girl Strikes Again!

She's cute. She's tan. She has great hair. She's adventurous and brave...........and she gets hurt.........a lot. Never heard of Danger Girl? Here's her track record:

Age 7 months - attempting to walk a little prematurely and falls, hitting head on a window sill. Results in 3 stitches in the left eyebrow. Mother is left with a major migraine.

Age 12 months - falls down a full flight of stairs head over feet (over head over feet) and escapes unscathed. Her mother had a breakdown as she witnessed the whole thing.

Age 2 1/2 years - in her excitement over her first Christmas at home she flies out of the bathroom and runs into the corner of the wall. Results in another 3 stitches in left eyebrow. Mother and Father and left exhausted, but no migraine ensues. Several days later she hits her stitches at a good friends house and busts the wound open again. Several days after that while letting a cousin's dog literally drag her around the yard by a rope, she busts it open a second time.

Age 4 1/2 - bounding over the ottoman, she takes a little tumble and bounces her head off a wooden chest. Mother, now used to the sight of a bleeding head scoops her up and tells Father to get off the potty so he can take us to the ER. Fearing stitches are in the near future, Danger Girl show a rare moment of fear as she totally FREAKS OUT at the idea of the ER. A quick change in approach calms her as she is convinced they are only going to Scott & White, not the ER. One very large blob of dermabond later she's all better. Mother and Father are a little tired.

And most recently, a mere week and a half from her 5th birthday she attempts scaling the local mall treehouse from the outside. Result? A nasty little scrape and a bruised, possibly hairline fractured, rib. Mother and Father, now used to injuries and somewhat doubtful of her whines and complaints (did I mention she also maquerades as Drama Girl?) let it be over night and take her to the doctor nearly 24 hours after the injury. No real course of treatment other than a few days of Motrin. Mother thinks briefly of feeling guilty for not taking her in sooner, then banishes the thought as she gets lunch ready for Danger/Drama Girl and her little brother Number Man and baby sister The Cuteness.

So, if you spend time with this family..................Keep your eyes open, and your hand on the phone, Danger Girl may strike near you!


Stephanie said...

Oh Sarah! I'm so sorry that she got hurt again. God Bless you for still being sane. Have a good day and I will hopefully see you in the morning.

me said...

HOW FUNNY!!! Not that she got hurt but that her shannigans keep right on truckin' or rather she keeps right on truckin' despite her shannigans! :)

Robinson Family said...

Good to see that you have evolved from "breakdown" reaction to writing tongue-in-cheek (and quite hilarious) commentaries...I'd imagine the latter is much less stressful. Better keep an eye on that one ;)

jenny said...

I'm just glad nothing involving the E.R. was ever on my watch. Whew!!