Monday, July 02, 2007

Shoe Stores, Girl Shorts, and Real Underwear

Just a few tidbits from life as of late...............

I popped in to check on Paris during rest time last week and she says,"Look Mommy, I made a shoe store!" And indeed she had. Thanks to my good friend Dasha, Paris now has a few Barbies and all there attire/accessories - including many pairs of shoes. (These were all Dasha's as a kid and she now has two boys so she's giving Paris her Barbies) Well, my sweet daughter (after my own worldly heart) had taken all the shoes and arranged them in varying levels inside two of her big Petshop toys. Her Barbies were there, visiting a most creative shoe store. Needless to say, Paris received much praise for her creativity!

Girl shorts rock. OK, this is probably more info than you want but since I got married I've gained a lot of weight. (see my other blog for part of my journey back down!) As I got bigger I gave up on cute panties and adopted mommy panties. Now, I'm not talking granny panties that cover everything from your belly button to your knees, but definitely mommy panties. You know, all cotton, no sexy. Well, on a recent whim (prompted by reading Sheet Music) I solicited some input from my better half and I wound up buying some Hanes "girl shorts." Can we say comfortable? And amazingly my husband says they are up a bit on the sexy scale. Who knew sexy and comfy could reside in one pair of panties? (and they're still all cotton!!!)

And since we're speaking of undies - my son is wearing real underwear out in public. Yeasterday morning I got up and thought," It's July first. You're wearing underwear." We've been sort of in process with him since Christmas. The car is the last frontier. He does a good job of telling you he needs to go everywhere except the car. In the car he just pees. Even if he just went minutes before we pull out of the driveway, he pees. So, I started lining his carseat with little lap pads I still have from the very newborn stage (like I've had them since I had Paris and never used them!) and they are helping a great deal. Today he learned "No tt in cah seat." He did go to church & lunch out yesterday with NO accidents. Yea Tripp!! (and yea me!)


Traca said...

Yeah Tripper!!!
Yeah, Paris! Now if she incorporates Bon Jovi into her creative play, I will be impressed. Bon Jovi takes Barbie shoe shopping!!! How perfect is that?
BTY...loved Sheet Music. Our ladies group at church read it last year. Yeah girl shorts!

Stephanie said...

Yea Tripp!!!!!! Love how Paris had a shoe store. She is so cute. Yea Sarah!;)

Robinson Family said...

Love the shoe store, love "girl shorts" (they make some great swim suit bottoms in that style, too!), and yea for Tripp!!

Marlin said...

Way to go Sarah and Tripp! Undies are fun!

Mary Lou said...

Well I just learn all sorts of girl stuff on this blog! I must check out those girl shorts. They sound pretty neat.

Yes, good going Tripp! Always a triumph to go without an accident, in the car, in a boat, in box with or without Green Eggs and Ham. :-)

I say that Sarah is one cool mom.

jenny said...

I tried the "boy shorts" style once and I didn't get it to work for me. :-) enough said!

I tagged you for a Meme if you have time---

Jason said...

If that shoe story is any indication (along with the whole "Danger girl" alter ego), I think Paris and my Regan sound very similar. Regan absolutely loves three kinds of physical possessions: books (yay!), shoes, and cell phones. I have no idea where her affection for the latter two came from, but she was insisting on walking in her mother's heels almost as soon as she could walk.

Anyway, she is a girly-girl more than I care to admit, and if Paris is anything like that, they would get along just fine. Also, Regan has that stubborn, daring, independent streak that I've heard Paris is known for; another reason that they are similar, but it'd be an interesting experiment in wills to see how they interacted.