Saturday, December 30, 2006

Retraction & Apology

This is an apology to my Dad. His name is not Earnest. His name is Edwin. His father's name was Earnest. He went by Cowboy though. It's easy to get confused. Earnest is Cowboy, Edwin is Skip, Sanford is Easy, and Sanford is Tripp. I hope when my children grow up, get married, and have their own kids that they break this cycle of nicknames.

So - Daddy, I'm sorry I posted your name incorrectly. I would tell everyone how easy it is to remember your given name, but that would require teasing you publicly so I won't do it. I hope you accept my apologies - if you read my blog.

1 comment:

Richard N Smith said...

Could you please have Skip and Nell contact Dick Smith? I can be reached through I am an old friend from way, way back and have been trying to find them.