Friday, December 29, 2006

Five for Five

Five important people, five nicknames a piece:

1. Nell Hartleib = Mom, Graggie (invented by Paris), Mama Nell, Sweet Nell (only my Dad calls her that), and Grago ( a version of Graggie)

2. Sanford Foster Jr. = Easy, Smooch, Daddy, Baby (as in "Hey Baby"), Honey

3. Paris = Goose, Princess, Digadum (this is what Tripp calls her even though she hates it and he's capable of saying Paris - the sibling bickering/irritation has already begun!), Baby, Sweet Girl

4. Sanford Foster, III = Tripp, Tripper, Monkey, Tipey Toe, Prince

5. Vivian = Vivie, Little V, Bug, Duchess, Vivoo (that would be Paris' nickname for her)

and so he doen't feel left out.............a bonus

6. Earnest Hartleib = Skip, Dad, Dadoo(inventd by Paris), Skipper(usually by my folks good friend Brenda), Old Man (usually used by me when he hasn't heard anything else I've said!)


Stephanie said...

Like the Friday Five today. I called my Dad Old Man too. He didn't like it too much but it got his attention when he wasn't listening. I understand the sibling bickering/irritation thing 100%. Love ya and see you Sunday. How is Viv doing?

sarahdawn said...

V is diong fantastic! We are amazed what a difference in her "personality" we can see. I am SOOOO glad we had the tubes done.