Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

It's 2007. I'm up early today. I got up this morning before everyone in the house to have some quiet time with my God. I wanted to start the year right. Mom gave me a Quiet Time Bible Guide for Christmas that will guide me through the New Testament and Psalms this year. Today I started with Luke 1. I was surprised how many little n uggets I found in that one chapter. When I completed the devotional time I spent some time in prayer. The sound of my new little coffee pot (again a gift from Mom) brewing a fresh cup for me made me smile as I transitioned from prayer to preparing for my day. So, I thought I'd take just a minute this morning to hop on my blog and say to you all - happy new year. I hope that 2007 brings joy a blessing to each of you. More than anything, my hope for you is that in this year you will intentionally walk closer to God. That you will take a step every day to walk as Jesus did. Resolutions fly around each year like Grackles (those awful black birds - not sure on the spelling) on campus at A&M. I decided that instead of a big flock of birds I would just created a few commitments - prompted by our Bible class teacher - that are a bird of a different bread. In 2007 I will daily, intentionally walk closer with God. I will take care of my body. I will be a good wife and mother.

Father, thank you for giving me a mom who can help lead me to your path for my life. I am so blessed to have her as an example. I ask for your help this year as my children continue to grow up. Help me to be the mom they need most and not the tired stressed out version they have seen so much lately. Help me each day to rise before they do so I can spend some time with you. Help me to be a good wife to Easy and to communicate with him in a prdouctive way that builds him up each day, even when I'm asking for his help. Help me to truly remember that my body is your temple. I'd like to do some remodeling for you this year. Please help me to make good choices so that I can glorify you in all I do this year. Without you I am nothing and can accomplish nothing. Be with me Lord, as you have promised, and guide my actions. Take over my thoughts. All praise is yours Father, my beautiful creator. Thank you for life. Help me this year to give that life back to you as I have never done before so that the people you have placed around me can see you and know that all good things come from you. In Christ's name I pray, Amen.


jenny said...

Hey Sarah!
My resolutions usually fall apart and get picked up over and over, but one I am picking back up again is daily Bible reading. My daughter will need to do Bible reading for a Girl Scout medal, and I thought I'd encourage her by doing it also. I have been really enjoying The Quiet Time Bible Study online----
-----off and on for a few years. So your gift from Mom is Part of what I want---there's a whole Bible out there with OT also. Right now the online version is in the middle of Matthew, and it'll go through a few Psalms and then back to Romans before the end of January. I love the format---it's just you and the word and questions to make you think. No man-made suggestions or single verses out of context---I need God's word more than anything else.

Anyway, I know as I'm in the word, the rest of life falls into place, so I am with you on the goals you have for this year. I'm going to post a "resolutions" post maybe tomorrow---today's my thinking day!

Happy New Year! I hope I can encourage you in your walk as I'm trying to improve mine as well.

Nellie said...

You make me proud. My resolutions mirror yours, and your prayer is mine as well. Love you!

Jason said...

Very nice sentiments. I've actually been able to keep a few resolutions over the last few years. This year, I have three main ones:

1. Blog more
2. Get in better shape (I really mean it this time)
3. Not bring any work home at all now that the dissertation is finished.
4. Reconnect with friends and maintain those connections.

The first one, I've begun already. I recently posted an update on my blog, and more will follow. I've begun the South Beach Diet, and I'm making a work-out regimen. I feel very good about the other two as well.

Here's to living better in 2007!

Stephanie said...

Happy New Year! My first resolution is to get Jacob well! After that I'm going to focus on other things. God Bless and love you.

Robinson Family said...

Happy New Year. What an inspirational post! Thank you for helping me redirect my focus for 2007.