Sunday, December 03, 2006


It's cold outside AND in my house! OK, so I'm glad we're actually having cold weather because I love cold weather....when my heater works - which it doesn't. Thursday night Easy commented that he didn't think it was working right. Having been chasing kids and cooking I didn't hink the house was all that cold. Friday morning I conceded that he was right. Poor Viv slept in little spurts of 2-3 hours because she got cold enough it woke her up. So, a very nice tech came out and "fixed" the problem late Friday. He said it was a temporary fix and he would find out how to permanently fix it and be back next week. Silly me, I thought the temp fix would actually last until he came back. No such luck. We had heat until sometime early this morning. Now it's cold. Viv's still fighting a cold, Tripp's coming down with one and its cold in my house. I think I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight so I can snuggle Viv close and keep her warm. I'm unhappy. My babies are cold and there is nothing I can do until tomorrow. Grrrrrrrrrr, oh I mean Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

On a happier note - I want to give Josh Jones a shout out for what he did with our POPS class this morning. Last week Josh asked all the men to stay after for a moment. I'll admit, some of us wives talked this week trying to figure out what they were up to. Well, this morning we found out. Our entire class time was spent listening to our hubbies tell us "3 reasons" why the love us. The cool part I thought was that no one really had 3 things. It was either way more than that, or was a continuous thought on how amazing their wife is, or they got choked up and couldn't really talk. I've never seen more men cry. It was a beautiful outpouring of love. We are so loved and cherished by our husbands. Thank you God for prompting Josh to plan such an activity. And thank you Josh for listening. And thank you men for being so honest. And thank you Smooch for loving me. I love you too.

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Stephanie said...

Sorry that your heat went out. Hope it is fixed soon and that everyone gets well fast. On another note - I agree that Josh did a fantastic job. I felt so blessed to have him read what Eric wrote to me. When Eric got home at lunch he showed me the first one that he wrote and I will be keeping both of them because they were both so sweet. Eric doesn't talk well in front of people so for it to be written was great. Yes he later read it to me. I told him that I had never seen so many men cry and that I like seeing that side of men. It lets me know that they too have a soft side. Take care and love you.