Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Take a Look

In the last two weeks MANY things have made me want to blog. I weird thing happened though. In each situation by the time I got to the computer with time to write it out I had lost my steam. Most of these things were irritants or surprises, so being out of steam about them made it seem pointless to try and steam them up again. So, last night as I went yet again from being incredibly irritated about something to seeing that it was seriously not a big deal and probably working out for the best anyway, it occurred to me that That is what I needed to post about!

Sunday night as part of Foree's lesson we looked at I John 1:1. What Foree pointed out was that seeing with eyes and looking at something aren't exactly the same thing. He tied this in with being slow to anger (another scripture we were reading). Most of us tend to see something with our eyes, react, and then LOOK at the situation more closely. This is NOT what God calls us to do!

Last night was a prime example of this lesson. In the time it took me to get from Tomball Ford (the place of irritation) to home, along with dinner and conversation with my Smooch, my thinking on the subject (which is really of no relevance here) went from anger to "oh, that really does make more sense for our family." Hello? If I would take the time to really LOOK at things before reacting in anger or frustration, can you even imagine how much energy I could save?

The bottom line is that God is in control of even those situations that frustrate us. Sometimes when we look closely we can see how it all fits together. Sometimes we can't. But even in those times that we can't make sense of it, we need to Trust that God has it covered and know that He will not harm us. In fact, He delights in blessing us.

I am grateful that over the last two week God allowed me to "make sense" of some of the frustrating things in my life. I'm grateful that He used Foree to make a lesson more clear. I'm grateful that He kept me from blogging my frustrations and instead led me to blog a lesson learned (or at least one that I needed reminding on!). More than anything right now I am just grateful that He is my God and that "He's got my back!"

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Nellie said...

Maybe the difference between seeing and looking is similar to the difference between hearing and listening. :)

Good post!