Thursday, August 18, 2005

God is a Kid

I took the kids, along with my mom, to see my Nana last week. While we were there Paris was her usual self. She filled us in on all sorts of tidbits about how she views the world. I think the most interesting thing she said is that "God is a Kid." She was in conversation with my mom. I think they were talking about things God created or something. Regardless, her theory that God is a kid stuck in my head and has been bouncing around for a week.

So, is God a kid? Well, he's certainly amused at the little things in life. He though bunnies should have fuzzy tails and frogs should have crazy long tongues. These are things only the mind of a child could come up with. I imaging He sometime must belly laugh while watching His creations play. Have you ever watched squirrels play? It's really funny.

Of course, He also orchestrates, generates, oversees, and carries us through some of the most complicated circumstances imaginable. His wisdom exceeds human understanding. He couldn't possibly be a kid.

Ah, but wait. He is everything everyone needs. For my 3 year old daughter, that is a God that is a kid. For me it sometimes a friend, daddy, disciplinarian, or just a big hug. I am so grateful that my heavenly Father can be everything I need. So, I guess Paris is right again. God is a kid for her, He is everything I need, and he's probably even a baby for Tripp. His love transforms into just what we need in every moment of our life. Wow.


Nellie said...

To quote Paris, "What do you think about THAT?"

All things to all people. Quite a concept don't you think? Way beyond human ability isn't it?

I'm still laughing at some of the things Paris said and did last week.

Jason said...

That is a great conceptualization of God. While it's true that God is what we need God to be, we sometimes forget what God is to others. God as a kid makes sense to a kid. If anything, that tells me that perhaps Paris has a kindred connection with God that only a child can have.

"Let the children come unto me."
"Anyone who wants to enter the kingdom of heaven must become like one of these."
I think that tells us what God values.

The more I'm around Aidan and Regan, the more they show me what God wants from me.