Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Boys, Baths, & Snot

Where to start....I gave my children their first joint bath last week. It went very well. Paris didn't spaz out at all so I think it was an overall success. I know I should be thankful that it took until 9 months for the following to happen, but I am none the less wishing it hadn't. Not long after putting Tripp in his little circular bath seat he discovers that he is indeed a boy. He found and would not let go of his "boy parts." Now, before I get comments about how important it is to teach my children the actually names of said it. Even after taking Dr. Johnson's Sexual Dysfunction class in grad school (yes folks, the professor that taught the sex class was a short balding man named Jimmy Johnson - you can't make up that stuff!) and becoming completely desensitized to all things regarding sex and the bodily functions and parts involved in that I still can not stomach hearing the "appropriate terms" flying out of my 3-year old's mouth. it. In my house we have boy parts and lady parts. Deal with it. Ay any rate, Tripp made his discovery which entertained him the duration of the bath and seems to have forgotten all about it. Perhaps I will be fortunate enough that he won't find them again for a few months?

Speaking of baths, I personally will have the pleasure of taking a few over the next month. I am normally a shower person all the way. Unfortunately I have an injury to my left foot that will require weekly visits to the doctor for taping. Of course I am not to get the tape wet so it looks like I'll be doing the bathe with one foot sticking out of the tub deal. Obviously there is some humor in this somewhere, I just haven't found it yet. Fortunately I will get to remove the tape every five days and have a proper shower before going back in for more tape. I'm not sure how Paris will react to "Mo" (her nickname for me) using her tub. She is quite territorial.

And that brings us to snot. There has been a lot of snot at my house the last few weeks. So much that I actually began trying to think of some fabulous lesson I could learn from it. Here's what I came up with. Snot is like sin. Sometimes we have an overabundance of it. It gets nasty and it can become very obvious to others that we are having some sort of issue. When we wipe it away our nose gets all red and gives us away. If we just try to swallow it down we get nauseous. My favorite feature and parallel is this....even when we wake up breathing great and showing no outward signs of's still there, ready at any moment to react to the slightest thing (a smelly flower, too much pepper, a nice cry) to once again make it's appearnce to the outside world. I started to take this analogy further, but ultimately that made Christ a Heavenly Kleenex of sorts and that just seems disrespectful so I'll just leave it alone.

That's it for now. I'll be in Baytown over the weekend. It will be interesting to see how Paris and Willie the growly dog interact after our last trip down there. A prayer or two for a peaceful trip would be appreciated.


Nellie said...

Love the snot analogy! You are so good at finding spiritual lessons in everyday life. Are you really my daughter? Bless you!!

Keep copies of these entries for yourself. You may want to use these stories one day when you are teaching Bible classes to adults. Yes, I believe that is one of the many things you will do successfully in your life. That, and maybe become a teller of humorous stories with deep meaning. (Not to be confused with skits on Saturday Night Live, of course!)

Chad said...

That brings a question to my mind...Can some snot look better than other snot? You've got clear snot, green gooey snot, and blood-stained snot to suggest a few. Sometimes when we blow our noses we're more repulsed by the snot than at others. Yet, isn't all snot nothing more than bacteria, allergen, dust infected mucous? It's all disgusting and not meant to be in our bodies?

Don't we do the same with sin? We view some of our own stuggles as not that bad while there are others we see as big-time sin. Yet, isn't anything that would separate us from God nasty, gross and unbearable?