Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blogging Manners

I found myself sucked into some somewhat hostile banter while commenting on a friends blog over the last week. It got me to thinking about how vulnerable we make ourselves by putting our ideas and thoughts out for public consumption. I realize that we live in America and we all have the freedom to think our own thoughts and give them voice. What I was surprised at was that it seems there are some whose comments seem to not have much point on there own. They simply serve to beat down the poster or others that have commented. It was terribly easy to get sucked into some of the "debate," but I found myself having to fight the childish side of me. I really had the urge to stoop right down there and name call just like they had. I refrined, but it got me to thinking.

So, what do we do when our opinions come under hostile, unsolicited attack? Turn the other cheek. We must be Christ-like in ALL we do. It is so human to wanted to argue back, but that exaclty what Satan wants. He loves starting arguments amongst believers over things that have nothing to do with our salvation. Seeing us line up against one another give him such joy!

It is up to us then to prevent that from happening. We need to pray for discernment that we know when to fight for a belief and when to acknowledge that though we may differ in opinion, ultimately we are brothers and sisters in Christ and that no amount of arguing politics or so many of the other trivial things we waste our time with will change that. So, I press on and will apply the Thumper rule to my own commenting. I hope you will all do the same. "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."


Ben said...

First of all, I think all comment spammers should die. OK, not really, but they annoy me to no end.

Second, I think I understand what you're saying about how easy it is to get sucked into these childish "debates." I recently had one on my blog too. While it's true that I think we need to be Christ-like, it's also equally true that we need to speak the truth in love. Now, how this actually plays out is open to debate.

paulhurst said...

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Bookmarked, nice to see some decent content for a change. FYI have you seen this we've got a new feature, the 'Flag blog' button, which is inconveniently located between the 'Get Your Own Blog' and 'Next Blog' buttons so that we would presumably be getting some flags on error alone (although if one happens to notice it, you can unflag a blog). I don't know about this, what one person finds offensive is anothers cup of tea? Just my 2 cents, Love Spell .

Nellie said...

I'm with you, Sarah.