Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Freestone Drive

Well, we put a contract on a lot last week. It's an acre lot. Don't ask me what I'll do with all that space....I'm thinking a "Papa" garden (that would be my grandpa) and eventually a pool? The development is called Peach Crossing. It's just south of the Speedway in College Station. It will take an hour off of Easy's time in the car everyday. And....I LOVE IT!!!!!!

1665 Freestone Drive.....it sounds nice doesn't it? It flows well. Not only did God bless us with a lot in my most favorite development that's still in the CSISD, the very lot I've been dreaming about for the last 6 months was available....and it was the cheapest one left! God is good!

So, now the fun begins. We've begun the process of securing financing to build the house. Our dear friends the Haynies have begun the same process to buy our current home. Our house plans are at the architect being finalized. We've already pick most of the colors and materials.....to me it just feels like all that's left is building it.

So I have a simple request of my friends and family that read this little posting of mine....pray. I am so crazy excited about this project and so crazy scared at the same time. All the what-ifs run through my head on a daily basis. So please pray that the financing process goes smoothly for both us and our friends (if we don't sell our house this project won't happen). They want so badly to buy this place, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather sell it to. Pray also that once that's all settled that the building process is efficient and that Easy and I don't argue too much. Many have told me that building a house with your spouse is one of the hardest things you'll ever do. Easy and I have fairly similar tastes....his is just a bit more brown than mine.

Anyway, I'm not feeling witty or anything today, I'm just coveting your prayers over this process.

Oh, and I got Tripp's first haircut today! He did great though I don't understand how it's physically possible for a wiggling 9 month old to get a haircut that is even....but somehow it happened! He's such a cute little man. If I have time I'll post a picture later tonight.


Nellie said...

We'll be praying. We have a vested interest here. With a new, larger home, the ol' air mattress may not be necessary any longer. Woo-hoo! Since we're on a "fixed" income now those days of just getting a room at the Marriott or the Hilton are not so feasible. Ha!

Tripp is quite the little man. Give him a kiss from Graggie!

Traca said...

Congratulations! It is a very stressful thing...Brodie and I had a few disagreements and our house was close to sixty percent complete before we had to start making decisions! You and your family are in our prayers.