Monday, July 28, 2008

Should be Sleeping

It's 1:00 AM. Easy is gone on a fishing trip. I don't sleep much when he's gone. I'm just about tired enough to turn out the lights and sleep on the couch. I'm weird, I know.

Anyway...things are definitely looking up in the PT department. I would say that about 50% of all output is making it into the potty. Afternap today she wore the same pull-up until bed and she went TT 3 times - once at church, once in the car potty in the HEB parking lot, and again before bed. So....let mes just say thank you to those of you who continued sending positive thoughts. And thank you Graggie for staying positive while you had the Duchess. I feel pratty confident that when the fall semester starts she'll be wearing panties to pre-school. WooHoo!!!

Speaking of the fall semester, things are starting to take shape. I'm working on my schedule and it looks like I'll be just as busy as last year. The biggest difference is that we won't be dealing with the process of getting Tripp's diagnosis. He's going to be in a great program this year and will go to school "all day every day." It feels weird to know he'll be away from me that much, but I know it's what he needs. And if I'm honest I have to say that it will be a much needed break. To know he is well cared for and being pushed to learn and grow in his academics and social skills will be, well sort of a relief. I won't be keeping P&E this semester, but God replaced them with A&O, so it looks like I will have a pretty similar schedule to last year. I'm trying to get geared up for it all, but it just seems like there is SO much to be done and I can't really do any of it yet. Most of requires funds that simply don't exist. A decrease in income (no babysitting or Sonshines school over the summer) and an increase in bills (Childcare and "private sector therapy") has left us strained.

Amidst it all though I am reminded of God's great love. He has always provided and continues to do so. On the way to LBC Wednesday I prayed that he would help me find a way to replace the income I had for watching P&E last year. In a matter of hours he had given me A&O and answered their mom's prayer for a job that would be a better fit for her family. So as I sit here, wishing I could go get in bed and sleep peacfully but knowing that instead I will sleeping restlessly on the couch I really don't care so much. In the morning I will wake up and God will still be providing. I might be tired, but I will do my best to follow His lead. So for now I say good night. I'm sure you are all already sleeping well so enjoy your sweet dreams and don't judge if I need a nap tomorrow.


Robinson Family said...

Haha...I'm up too (I actually just sent you an email before I noticed your blog update)...but I may even be wierder, because my husband is here and I still have insomnia. (Post-wedding rush, maybe?)

Glad the PT is working out, as well as the income solution. I'll be praying for you while Easy is gone...I'm rotten at being home "alone" (thankfully, Jason is equally as rotten at being away from home, so we haven't had to deal with it much)

Stephanie said...

Yea Vivie!!!! Way to go Graggie and Mommy! I'm so excited for you and for H. Hope you got some sleep last night. Love ya!