Thursday, July 17, 2008

Progress, I think

So here I am, several days in and my spirits are coming back up. After those successes on day 1, Vivie woke up on day 2 and said no. She went into camel-mode and only TT'd twice the whole day. No success at all. Then came Wednesday. I had decided that my only chance of convincing her this is for real was to keep her in the panties no matter what. So, off we went to Ladies' Class in panties. She didn't have a TT accident, but she did go hide in the playhouse and do her other business. Nice.

We got home, she flooded the floor. Later in the afternoon she did the dirty business again so I stood her in the bathtub, turned on the cold water and used a pitcher to rinse her off. She did NOT like that. Somehow she stayed dry all the way through Bible class that night and then final went in the potty when we got home.

Today was similar. She gets the poop thing better than the TT. Here's the really good part though. We left the house this evening about 5:30. While we were out at my parents' lot doing some measurements for their house she TOLD ME she had to go. I got out our trusty little car potty and she put the dirty business in with no problem. After that she lasted through Wal-Mart, Sam's and HEB. While Easy was loading the groceries into the car I had her sit on the car potty again and.....she TT'd!!!!! I'm thinking this is progress. She didn't fuss or complain. She saw me get the potty, she said "go potty", and then she actually went potty!

So, I'm sticking to my guns and she's staying in panties. She leaves on Saturday to go on her first Graggie/Dadoo vacation. Poor them - they'll have to stick to my guns for me! I know Graggie is on board though so it will all be fine.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments both here and in person - you sweet friends are what have helped me stay the course. In a few short months I won't even really remember what it's like to have to change diapers all the time! Hey Sherri - could you do that hip swirl thing for me?!?!


erin said...

Oh, that is definitely progress. I did the "cold bath" thing with Kellen. I think it sounds like she's doing great.

Stephanie said...

Wow! That is progress! Way to stick to those guns. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight!

me said...

I'll do the pathetic hip swirling for you only if you promise to send good potty training thoughts my way! Em's decided she'd rather be in a diaper to take care of all business....have I mentioned lately I REALLY DON"T LIKE POTTY TRAINING!! :)