Monday, March 31, 2008

This is the sick that never ends.........

Here's a recap of poor Vivie's last 2 weeks:

Tuesday, March 18th - spike fever in late afternoon

Wednesday - more fever in late afternoon

Thursday - more fever in evening

Friday - fever and rash; go to doctor for a "virus" diagnosis - fever should be done today, rash my persist

Saturday - rash remains, snot

Sunday - rash gone, snot

Monday - cranky, Snot

Tuesday - CRANKY, SNOT

Wednesday - CRANKY!!, SNOT

Thursday - CRANKY!!!! and sleepy, Snot w/blood

Friday - weird rash appears, more bloody snot; go to doctor for a Fifth disease diagnosis - no longer contagious but rash may come and go for a month, snot may last another week

Saturday - rashy, snot, 5:30 - puking begins and lasts until 9:30 - call nurse line - not related to Fifth disease, a differnet virus most likely, watch for dehydration

Sunday - rash is fading, tummy seems just fine, more bloody snot

and here we are at Monday again - rash is gone from legs, and faint on arms and now we have liquid poo

I feel sorry for anyone that has been in contact with us in the last two weeks. Sadly, many of these days we were out and about like normal thinking she just had a little cold or was tired or maybe cutting the last of those I-teeth. I apologize to anyone we may have infected with any of the 3 viruses that have run rampant in my baby girls body.

Oh, and for those wondering about the potty training - at the end of Spring Break we opted to put the panties away until summer. It simply isn't a battle I can fight amidst our regular school schedule. So, we're doing pull-ups and giving plenty of oppotunity to use the potty but for the most part just not worrying about it until school is out.


Stephanie said...

My poor little fireball! Glad she is feeling better. See you tonight.

NOAH said...

:( poor little vivie. what a rough 2 weeks for her...and YOU!! hope she perks up soon...but not so perky that we have to write 'spiteful, mean, attitude' on her progress sheet :) even when she's on the floor kicking her legs in protest or having a knock-down-drag-out with tyla, she's still cute little vivie. i maybe like her less at those moments, but i ALWAYS love her!!