Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Progress Report

I suppose a more apt title would be Frustration Report. So, we're working on the pt here. Day one ended with my hopes high and spirits sailing. We managed to get both #1 and #2 in the potty on day one. I thought this was a great accomplishment and looked forward (sort of) to the next day. Ha.

Day two: TT in panties at 8:30. Many attempts on the potty in the following hours. We have screaming of "Boper! TT boper!" while on the potty. Finally at 12:15 (!!!) we had a TT on the potty! That's almost 4 hours. Here's the fun part. While celebrating her success I realize that Tripp has peed a puddle on the floor by the computer. I rush him to the potty so he can finish and start cleaning up his mess. I hear faintly in the background "Powwy." Thinking she couldn't possibly need to go again and is just in it for a candy I continue cleaning up Tripp and his mess. By the time I get that done V has deposited #2 in her panties. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Good news: she tried to tell me. Bad news: I'm starting to think this was a big mistake!

As the day contiued she stayed dry during her nap - that is a good thing. She had another combo accident at 2:20. And that was it for the day. No more all. How do you potty train a camel?

So here we are on day 3. She has TT'd twice in her panties and seems to not care in the least. At least on day 1 she cried when she was wet. And to make it even more fun.....I saw her heading to her bedroom so I chased and asked "Do you need to poopoo?" "Uh-uh" was her reply as I helped out of her room and back to the open living space where I could see her. She took off, ran to the other end of the house and by the time I got to her had made a smelly deposit in her pretty pink panties.

Clearly, she knows what she's doing. If she can ask for (scream for) a "boper" while she's on the potty she knows what we're trying to accomplish. If she will willfully run and hide to poop she knows it's coming. So now it seems the real battle has started. Not the battle of teaching them that the potty is where those things, no she's got that figured out. Now we have the battle of wills. As I'm sure most of you know, once you start a battle of wills with a 2-year-old (almost) you can't afford to loose. The sad part is I didn't even realize we were starting that particuar battle until it was well underway! You'd think by child #3 I would see it coming.


Robinson Family said...

Hang in there. I seriously think PT is endurance conditioning for the parents as much as it is for the kids. I mean, I had a serious battle with my OWN will when I realized how many accidents I'd have to clean up before we would finally be done...and now I get to look forward to starting all over again with a BOY!! YIKES.

Good luck!

Stephanie said...

I'm right there with you! If I figure out a way to PT a camel I will let you know! We can do it!!!

Paul Fagala said...

You don't even see a battle of the wills coming with children #4 or #5. Hang in there. We're going through the same thing with Luke. They'll get it one day. Just keep lots and lots of cleaning supplies on hand in the meantime!

jenny said...

My B was/is a camel. Dry all night, through naps---whatever! I ended up with her, waiting until she was almost 3 to really go panties only, and she had very few accidents. At least this is what I am remembering . . .

Thankfully we had hardwood floors and linoleum all over our house when both mine potty trained. :-)

The great thing is now, B can go a really long time on trips without asking to go---longer than I can! Having a camel child is great in the long run.