Monday, March 10, 2008


Nope, not physical training.....we're talking the BIG PT. I'm potty training the youngest. We started this morning. So far she has peed all of 3 times today. Twice in her panties on the kitchen floor and once in her diaper during naptime. She's a camel. And here I'vebeen calling her my little bug all this time! While she was sleeping I went to Paris' room and found Creepy Baby and all her parts. Oh, you're not familiar with Creepy Baby? It's this baby doll that my Nana bought for us when we were preparing to do PT with Paris. She cries and giggles and move her eyes, drink from a bottle and then pees. She was very helpful in training Paris. Despite her usefulness though - she creeps me out!!! But I figure it's worth spending some time with Creepy Baby if it helps speed this process so I found all her parts, gave her some new double A's and she ready to do her thing. Wish me luck friends - I'll be in this house for several days straight as we start moving towards the goal of a diaper free house!!!!


erin said...

Good luck! We gave up the paci yesterday so we're transitioning too. Potty training, so fun.

Stephanie said...

Good luck and prayers!

me said...

Oh, what a fun thing potty training is....I personally suffer a terrible case of PTPTSD (potty training post traumatic stress disorder)...blessings and good luck!! Em's kinda, sorta, but not quick there.