Monday, August 09, 2010


I can't believe that summer is almost over!!!! I also can't wait until summer is over! :-) All in all I have to say it's been a great summer. The kids have done much better than last year. We can clearly see the toll that lack of structure takes on Tripp and Paris, but the regression has been much less than last year. So, as we are looking ahead to the start of a new year at a new school I thought I would share a few of my favorite quotes from the last few months...............

Not long ago Vivi was throwing a fit about who knows what and I looked at her and asked,"What is your problem today?" She replied in full tantrum mode,"I just need to go to pre-school!!!" Yes, sweet V you do and it's only a few weeks away.

On the way home from picking up the bigs after their summer school Graggie overheard this.....
Vivi and Paris were getting into it about something and Vivi did her very loud disgruntled sqwuak. Graggie then hears quietly from the other side of the car..."Oh no. Vivi's cranky." Yes Tripp, she was and she still is....apparently she needs to go to pre-school.

Me:"Vivi, how do you spell your name?"
V: "V-i-v-i, we're dropping the E!"
( a change we decided on this summer so as not to confuse our Vivi with the "other Vivie" that we hang out with.)

I'm trying to think of something funny that Paris said, but I'm coming up empty at the moment. She's actually been really great this summer. She took some knitting classes and that is now her "thing." It's nice because it's a quiet activity.'s a quote from P..........

Me: Paris, why must you always be making noise?
Paris: I like to make noise.
Me: Clearly, but why?
Paris: Ask God, He made me this way.

So, there you go.............we've stayed busy, kept our sanity (most days), and are counting down to the beginning of school. Praying for smooth transitions, new friends, and continued growth for everyone. I pray the same for you!

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Me said...

What a bunch of smart kids! :) I hope the transition back into the school year is smooth and easy.