Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello? Anyone Reading?

It's been almost two years since I typed a blog post.  Life has been busy.  Towards the end of last summer I felt strongly compelled to start blogging again.  I didn't actually do it, but I felt the need to start writing again.  I kept making excuses about not having time and blamed the kids for dominating every electronic device in my house.  Maybe my phone was free, but really, who wants to blog from their phone? I asked for a laptop for Christmas.  That wasn't exactly in the budget.  No blogging for me I thought.  Easy excuse.

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  My husband gave me a Surface Pro2.  Well, it's a combo gift for Mother's Day and birthday.  It's mine.  I don't have to share.  The kids will never touch it.  I can start a blog post any stinking time I want.  Maybe not at work, that might get me fired.  Excuses gone.  Time to write.  Expect some obligatory catch up posts, then we will see where this takes us.... I'm out of practice so be patient.

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Dennis Norris said...

Looking forward to it!