Thursday, April 01, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

#1 - I really don't have time to blog. If I don't have time to blog when am I going to write a book? This is going to take some serious lifestyle change to accomplish.

#2 - I don't like getting up at 5-something in the morning to exercise. But I DO like how I feel the rest of the day when I do it.

#3 - Asperger's comes with gifts - Paris and Tripp are always amazing me with their understanding of God and their ability to let Him be the peace in their life. Most recently Paris explained how encouraging it is to know that God is with her always. She said "I'll have Asperger's my whole life, but I'll have God too so that's ok." Wow, my precious baby girl.

#4 - Spring makes Cowboy act inappropriately.

#5 - May 31 can't come fast enough.

#6 - God is amazingly good at details and prayer seriously work. After agonizing over how P would react to finding out she is going to a different school next year, God paved the perfect way to explain......He prompted HER to ask ME if she could go to school with Tripp. She says she'd be more "comfortable with a family member at her school." Thank you Lord!

#7 - My husband took off Friday so we could have a family day and I think he's going to spend the first half of it doing stuff for my dad. I guess that's family stuff, but not exactly what I had in mind. Sleep late anyone? We won't.

#8 - Vivie will turn 4 this month. How is that possible?

#9 - Vivie is a master manipulator. She conned our sitter into letting her sleep in her panties instead of a pull-up. The next morning she was so proud of herself and actually snickered when I realized she had wet the bed early in the night and it was dry and smelly. Not. Funny.

#10 - God did not create us to be independent beings. We need Him. We need each other. We need to be held accountable for our actions, and even for our thoughts. For those in the world who often feel the "it's none of your business" sentiment all I have to say is this - It's all God's business and sometimes He uses us to assist in His work. Get over it and find some people you can be transparent with. Find people that will help you grow spiritually. Don't want to grow? You are the devil's playground.

(sorry, that last one is a bit harsh - but those are my thoughts today.)


SimmonsFamily said...

Very well said. 1- I will buy your book, so you'd better write it- how's that for accountability. 10- It's true. I think our culture shoves independence down our throat and it just creates all kids of problems for the people that buy into it.

The Robinsons said...

Great post, Sarah. And I'm with SimmonsFamily....I'd love to read that book!

Nellie said...

There's a 60% chance of rain tomorrow. That could take care of Easy helping Skip. :)

#10 is not really harsh - just the truth. We need to hear the truth more often!

And, um, instead of writing this post (which I love!) you could have written the first paragraph of your book. I love you!

jiƱon nane' said...

#10...all I can say is Thank you! I've been mulling over the same thought in my head for weeks but couldn't put it into words.