Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home and Helpless

So, we got back to my folks house at about 1:30 AM Monday morning. Our conference was AMAZING!! The kids were all happy to see us. Little Miss Viv did NOT drink any milk while I was away. Mom used the milk I had expressed to mix with cereal each day so we knew she was getting some. I don't know how I'm going to get her to drink milk from a cup, but I'm not worried about that at the moment.

Instead, I'm worried about getting her healthy. Mom said she started coughing and had a little runny nose Sunday morning. By the time we got home she sounded pretty bad and then she spiked a 102 temp Monday afternoon - on Tylenol! So, off we went to the doctor this morning to find out that she has pneumonia! Not cool. I feel so helpless. She's so tired, but she feels so bad she can't just go to sleep. She doesn't have the energy to play, but she doesn't really want to be held. They gave her a big shot of antibiotic this morning and told me that her leg would hurt for several days. I just want to make it all better and all I can do is hold her and rock her and pray that the medicine kicks in quick and that we beat this thing fast. I do think we caught it early enough that it won't take too long for her to start feeling better. I found myself actually gasping with her breaths this afternoon. My chest actually hurt. I've never experienced such real "sympathy pain" before. She's resting now though and the big kids are playing their Little Leaps video game so all is well for the moment. I better go get dinner ready. Tripp didn't nap so he'll be off to bed about 7:00 tonight. I think on a day like today that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to the quiet once I get at least two of them in bed this evening.

Father, heal my daughter. Help me to be patient with Paris. When I am worried about Vivie I seem to not have much left over and I get very snappy with Paris. Help me to not be that way. Thank you for making Tripp such a laid back little dude. Thank you for giving me parents that can keep my children when I'm away. I am so blessed with family. Help us to all rest tonight. In Jesus' name - amen.

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Stephanie said...

Praying that Vivie gets better soon. Love you all.