Monday, March 26, 2007

Health Update

So........since the last time I wrote things have been pretty crazy around here. I've made two out of town trips. One to the Women of Faith National conference in San Antonio and one quick trip to Baytown so I could go to my sister-in-law's baby shower. Take those into account with the health issues we've had in our house and that leaves you with one pooped mommy! Here's the scoop:

Vivie is all better. She got a clean bill of health at her check-up last Wednesday. Thursday was the first day she was really back to her normal self. If you go back and count the days, that was almost 12 days from when she got sick. That's a long time to have a sick baby! But she's all better now and has even decided that not nursing and having real milk in her cup is OK. I don't think she LOVES it, but she's drinking it so I'm satisfied.

As for Tripp - other than his perpetual snot (which we've just about decided is allergies) he's doing well. We did get a "health alert" (as though we should be alarmed by health in general?) from his school. Apparently someone(s) at school that he comes in contact with has had Pin worms. Don't know what those are? They are little teeny tiny white thread like worms that live in the anus. Yes, I said anus. They are transmitted in a "rectal - oral" fashion. Can we say EEEEWWW! Symptom? Rump scratching, especially at night? How to you confirm them? You get a flashlight and go on a worm hunt at night. As our pedi put it so nicely (imagine hand motions along with this) "Get a flashlight and then spread the (pause) buttock and look for white thread like wigglies." I told Easy that after all the diapers I've changed over the years that clearly worm hunting is a job for Daddy. Fortunately, we've had no rump scratching so that hasn't had to happen. In truth, I was afraid we were perhaps the source. After all, we did have that whole poo painting thing a few weeks back and who know if any of that made it to the mouth......GROSS!!!!!

And then there's my sweet goose. Paris has been doing great. We've been having fun. We've had a few tough days. Apparently mommy being gone two weekend in a row didn't sit well with her so we went through that whole test the limits thing in the midst of Vivie having pneumonia. She redeemed herself this weekend though and went shopping with Graggie and me and even went to the shower with us. She won't call it a shower though. That's just "silly" according to her so we called it a party for Aunt Kara's baby that hasn't come out of her tummy yet. Quite a mouthful, huh? Anyway, she pulled a Sarah. (for those of you unaware, I have an extremely clumsy history!) We brought this little wooden trunk home from my moms house for her to use in her room. It was mine as a kid. I stored all my baby doll clothes in it. We need to clean Paris' room in a bad way so the trunk was just sort of sitting in the entry. Paris, in her typical exuberance, went to sort of roll over one of our ottomans and went a bit too fast. As she went off the other side (the ottoman is being used as a barricade to keep Vivie in the living room) she literally bounced her head off the edge of the trunk! Lots of blood. Not cool. I bundled her up with a damp towel pressed on it. Told Easy to get off the toilet because we needed to go to the ER "now!" We took her to urgent care at Scott & White and thank goodness they were able to glue her back together. It wasn't painless and and it certainly isn't pretty, but it was WAY better than stitches. We've done stitches with her twice already and she remembers the second set. She didn't want to go tot he doctor because she was so freaked that she might have stitches again. In the end she is left with one heck of a headache and a big blob of steri-strips and Dermabond that will flake off on it own. We don't even have to go back to the doctor unless there's a problem. I'm left with a migraine and an extremely sore right bicep. See, once my mom handed her to me I didn't really put her down until we were in the room getting seen by the doctor. I had no idea 39 lbs. was so heavy!

So, there you go - all caught up. Today I'm staying home all day and trying to put my house back in order. There is a TON of laundry to be done and more cleaning than I could possibly do in one day. So I guess I'll just eat the elephant one bite at a time and hope I get through it all before it gets crazy around here again! Have a great day!


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that Paris got to go with you to the 'party for Aunt Kara's baby that hasn't come out of her tummy yet' shower. I'm so sorry to hear that she hit her head again. Poor little thing! At least this time it didn't need stitches. Glad to hear that everyone is on the up side of getting well. See you on Wednesday.

erin said...

Sarah, remind me to tell you a story about pin worms. Thanks for the update. We haven't been to the ER yet but I know it's coming.

Robinson Family said...

That sounds like one scary night! I'm impressed at how well you seemed to handle things...I'm afraid the blood would have done me in.