Thursday, March 08, 2007

Friday Five: I Miss My Kids

Easy and I are off to St. Louis in a few hours for a business conference (yes we're leaving at 3 in the morning) so I dropped off the kids at my folks today. It was really hard to leave them. I told them each that I would be there when they wake up Monday morning. Paris promised to help take care of Vivie. Vivie flapped her arms at me. Tripp (after I gave him a million hugs and kisses and kept saying I love you) just waved and said "bye bye." I know they will be fine, but here are five things I miss already...........

1. Vivie's cheeks - they are so full and I just love kissing on them.
2. Tripp's chatter - he is getting to be quite the talkative one these days.
3. Paris' exclamations - particularly the "I love you Mommy" ones!
4. Watching them play with each other - Tripp had Viv in stitches on the way to Baytown today. It was so sweet to hear her laughing at her bubba!
5. Being able to just go look at them because I want to!!

Father, keep my children safe while I am away from them. Help them to be good for Graggie & Dadoo. Help Vivie drink milk out of a cup. Help Tripp put his business in the potty. Let them all sleep well so Graggie & Dadoo aren't TOTALLY exhausted when I get back. Please help me to not worry too much. I know that you are watching over them and me and that you will keep us all safe. Thank you for loving my children. Amen.


Sarah P said...

You ought to post some new pics. I'm sure they've grown since last time! Hope you have fun!

Stephanie said...

That is so sweet! I had tears in my eyes reading it. Have fun, be safe and I will see you on Thursday!