Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Five

Five Things I LOVE About Cold Weather

1. Warm Drinks - most particularly Spiced Tea, recipe from Helen's Tea Room in Highlands, TX. Hot Chocolate is pretty good too.

2. Snuggly jammies ( I am a jammie-a-holic)

3. Snuggling with Smooch! (of course that's available year round, but it's just not as much fun to snuggle when you've both been sweaty in the Texas heat all day.)

4. The feel of crisp air on my face when the rest of me is toasty warm in winter clothes. (my fondest memories of this feeling are from high school when I'd wait outside the band hall with my letter jacket on - it alway struck my as strange that I could be so cozy and warm when the air on my face was COLD)

5. My cute winter house shoes from Old Navy. Pink with cream faux fur trim and cute little silver heart bangles that make noise when I walk.

Hooray for a little bit of cold weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Robinson Family said...

I love hot chocolate...especially with a little hazelnut creamer added...yum!

And amen to the snuggling! (Jason and I didn't even turn on our heat the first 3 years we were married...we were super cheapskates and loved to cuddle...but those were pre-baby days!)

Nellie said...

I agree with all of your list! I have on snuggly pajamas, and I just finished a cup of hot chocolate.

One correction to your list: Helen's Tea Room was located in Pasadena. The Teapot Depot is in Highlands. Both excellent places!!

See you Sunday.

jenny said...

I have spent my fair share of time outside a high school band hall, as well. When I feel that crisp air, I remember being all nervous and chilly on the sidelines waiting for our turn to perform. I have to pull out my flagpole this time of year and twirl around in my back yard!! (Or the front yard---I have even been known to do that.)

Chad said...

Deana loves warm jammies and flannel sheets. It never fails - the day after putting the flannel sheets on the bed it gets back up to the 80s.