Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Five

I have several friends that do Thursday Thirteen on their blogs. I don't think I can come up with thirteen things every week so I decided I'd do Firday Five instead. So, here's the first installment:

Five thing I love about my new house:

1. The kitchen - four people can be in my kitchen working on something and not touching each other. This is phenomenal!

2. The laundry room - it has a door, but it is in the conditioned space - does it get any better? Oh, and the Duet W/D!

3. My bathroom - corner whirlpool tub for two anyone?

4. The pantry - it's actually in the kitchen as opposed to our last home where we actually built a pantry in the dining room because there wasn't one anywhere else!

5. My husband - OK, he's not actually part of the house, but the house is a gift from him. He worked (and still works) his rear end off getting it ready for us to move in and so that we can pay the mortgage each month and so many of the thing in this house were his idea (like the wood floors, and the use of the upstairs space, and the shower in our bathroom that our whole family will fit in - not that we've done that). Every time I turn into the neighborhood, after I think "How is that possibly my house?," I think "Wow, my husband loves me and our family more than I can put into words." Thanks Smooch!!!


Nellie said...

You are blessed, my sweet girl!

Robinson Family said...

Yea! Sarah's back! Loved the Friday Five. Can't wait for this week's installment!

And man, I'm so jealous...I mean, HAPPY for you--I've always wanted the Duet W/D. So cool!