Monday, October 30, 2006

Testing, Testing

OK, it's been a major long time since I blogged. Things have been a bit rough in th etime management department for me lately. I'm working on it.

Since I don't have much time, I just want to put these few new flashes out there:

Tripp had his second b-day on Friday. How is that possible? We're going to start potty training soon. Pray for us.

Vivian is 6 months old now - constant babble and drool is what her world consists of.

And the big news..........I'm gonna be an Aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear the angels singing? Matt and Kara are pregnant!!!!! Due May 5, 2007.

Well, the baby is crying - time for that morning feeding..........I promise to write again soon. I've had many things on my mind as of late and I need to post them to make room for my brain to function!


Stephanie said...

Welcome back! Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!!!! Looking forward to what you have rolling around in your head to blog about. Love you and congrats again.

Robinson Family said...

Good to hear back from you again...I was beginning to wonder if you were on strike!

Congratulations on your pending aunt-dom. (I'm still awaiting mine--albeit patiently)
Hope to hear back from you soon!

me said...

Okay, you're back on! Yea! Now, can you have a talk with Paula H. about updating her's too? :) Blessings and congrats on being an aunt! Here's to a happy, healthy baby.

Sarah P said...

Oh dear, if that's when morning feedings happen, we may not have children until babies stop doing that. 5am? Are we serious?

sarahdawn said...

Well, the truth is that the clock on my blog is not set properly. However, Viv does usually wake sometime between 5:00 and 6:15 AM for her for nursing of the day. Good news is that she USUALLY goes back to bed after that until at least 7:30. Since Tripp is ALWAYS up by 7:00 that leaves me anywhere from 45 - 15 minutes to lay back inmy own bed before starting the day in full force. And this is the good schedule. At least the 2:00 am feedings stopped at about 2 months - I've been blessed with good sleepers. Sdaly, they aren't LATE sleepers!!!