Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Snail Party and a Random Question

Yesterday I had a "sick day." No, I didn't get to stay in bed and have someone bring me soup while I watched cheesy movies and napped all day. Instead I met the basic needs of my children and allowed them to destroy our home with play while I laid on the couch watching just close enough to ensure that physical injuries were not going to happen. Tripp wasn't feeling great either. It amazes me how much snot can be in the head of someone so small. I wore a black t-shirt most of the day and when I took it off last night it looked like a family of snails had a raging party on my shirt. That is mother love.

Random Question - Why are public bathroom toilet seat so infernally cold? Yeah, I know - you're supposed to squat and not actually touch them. That's a physical impossibility at this point. Were I to attempt such a thing I would find myself with a headache from tipping over and ramming the stall door with my head. The miracle of life does have a few drawbacks along the way and I think having to sit on freezing cold public toilets is one of the biggest!

Just thought I'd share............

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Terri said...


I found your blog through one of the other blogs I read. I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and your writing style. It has to be an encouragement to other moms with young children. Indeed, I referred my daughter to your blog for a fun read. Just wanted to tell you that you sound like a fun person and good mom. You had me ROFL with the snail trail :)