Friday, January 27, 2006

Move Over Bacon!

Well, I started to post on Wednesday and stuff kept happening to prevent me from finishing it. I now know that was God. Had I actually posted, you would all have had to endure my whining about how frustrated and taken advantage of I am. God clearly had other plans.

Today my message is simple - GOD IS SO GOOD!

When I pulled into the parking lot at church Wednesday night I was beyond angry at the world. In general my thinking was this, "You want to talk to me? Fine, I'll yell at you." I can't even explain the emotional state I was in. I did have my wits enough about me to know I needed to get my rear to church so I went. I dropped the kids off in their classes and went to see what adult options are this quarter. I saw a class listed that is about prayer and the women involved are women I have tremendous respect for so I thought I'd check it out. I now know that was God.

When I left class I was refreshed, broken, reminded, repentant, rejoicing. It was one of those experiences when you realize God is talking directly to you. He punched me in the gut, kicked my rear and then hugged my heart so wonderfully, peacfully gently that I broke and the tears flowed. The message at the root was basic - I'll sum up..."Now that you admit you can't do it on your own and that you have forgotten I am in control, move over and let me work."

And boy has he been busy! I can think of at least 5 prayers that have been specifically answered this week. A broken family I love dearly has started the healing process. We sold our Vette for more than we expected. (this is a bittersweet answered prayer - but I'll talk about that in another post) All the pieces fell into place regarding my little job at church coordinating childcare for Ladies' Bible Class. The framers are decking the roof on our new house (that means we are ahead of schedule if you can imagine). AND, my Nana is already out of her surgery and doing well.

I assume some of you remember the "Move over Bacon, now there something..." (was it leaner or meatier - I can't remember). Well, that's the slogan that ran through my mind when I got the message loud and clear. I'm going to write Move Over Bacon on my bathroom mirror as a reminder to see each morning that I need to keep my controlling human thinking out of the way and let the Master work His plan. Please pray for me, that in my hormonal, stressed out state I can do just that and rest in the peace that His plan is so much more than I could ever accomplish alone.


Nellie said...

And you can just pray the same for me! Nana is doing quite well. She walked a little this morning and sat up in the chair for 2 hours. She said she has no pain right now except for a little burning around the incision. Praise God and to Him be the glory.

Traca said...

You're right - God is good! As humans, we need to be reminded again and again that he is in control. (Something I struggle with daily.) But, He is good, and patient, and forgiving, and patient, and loving, and did I mention... patient!

lennymiller4270852262 said...
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Chad said...

Matt Brouwer has a song in which the chorus is "Not everything is gonna be the way you think it ought to be. And it seems like every time I try to make it right it all comes down on me. Say, honestly, you won't give up on me. And I shall believe." Such honest words that came to mind as I read your post.