Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tag Team

Well, I've been tagged by both my mother and sweet Paige, so here it is.......

7 Things I plan to do before I Die

Go to Hawaii with my Mom, Nana, and the Cali girls
Write something that is published (I have a title, just no text yet)
Learn to sew
See my children grow up, get married, and make me a grandparent (in that order)
Build a HUGE house in the Hill Country
Take my daddy on a safari
Buy a pair of custom made shoes

7 Things I can do

Cross stitch
Nurse a baby, talk on the phone, and tie a toddler's shoes all at the same time
Collect a urine sample from a two year old
Tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue (it's genetic)
Shoot a deer
Make a good lasagna
Sing my babies to sleep

7 Things I can not do

Draw anything more elaborate than a stick figure
Speak Spanish
Go to sleep as quickly as my husband
Beat my brother at any game.......ever
Keep my babies from getting hurt at some point
Keep my house clutter free
Prevent the ripple of fear I feel when I see a spider any larger than a pea

7 Things that attract me to another person


7 Celebrity Crushes

Adam Sandler
James Spader
Jon Bon Jovi
Robert Redford
Mark Ruffalo
Anthony Hopkins (have you heard that man speak?!?!)
Richard Gere (sp?)

7 Things I say the most

Tripper, no no
Paris Grace!!!
What's wrong?
I'm tired
Are you OK?
Hey Bubba

7 People I'm Tagging

Mary Lou
Jason M
Lesa B
Paula H

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Nellie said...

I could literally hear your voice saying all 7 of those things you say most often. Crazy!