Monday, September 26, 2005

Return to Normal

Well, it was an eventful, non-eventful weekend. Rita changed her course and spared my area her wrath. We got a little wind and that was about it. We did, however, get the rare opportunity to spend several days with just my dad. Many times we've had Mom here, but other than fire school (when he stays at a hotel and pretty much just drops by once or twice a day for 30 minutes) we've never had just my dad with us. It took him 19 hours to get here from Baytown (that's normally a 2 hour trip). Needless to say he was passed exhausted when he got here. It was kind of nice to be able to pamper him a bit. Not that mighty Skip takes to pampering, but he did listen the next morning when I handed him some motrin and said, "Here take this and eat this toast, your body will thank me later." Indeed he did thank me and we then had several days of relaxation as we watched the storm move further away from us.

I think mostly it was good for Tripp. He usually just stares at my dad, and sometimes cries. By the time Dad left to go home yesterday they had bonded and I even saw Tripp give him a grin once or twice. I hate that it took a hurricane to make that happen, but I'll take it. I'm not sure when else those two would have had that kind of time without the distractions of the dogs and Graggie (who were in New Braunfels with Nana). So, we got some wind and some serious quality time with Dad/Dadoo.

So, now all of my family is home where the belong. No one had any serious damage to their homes, so all is "back to normal." Easy got up at the crack of dawn and headed off on his commute to Houston for work. The kids got up way earlier than I wanted to and both had lots of snot. I had the pleasure of taking them both with me to a follow-up appointment with my foot doctor, then we met friends for lunch. We were supposed to have playgroup at a local park with "squirty water" (a fountain for the kids to play in). Unfortunately when we got there the water was turned off and the park was covered with school kids. Since the thermometer was reading 101 degrees we decided to come home. Paris cried all the way. She did not nap and Tripp only slept for about 45 minutes. So, I'm sitting here thinking about how frustrated I could be at this moment with two cranky snotty kids, a queasy tummy and tired body, and I can't seem to get frustrated. Sure, I've sent Paris to the cornera few time this afternoon, but the nagging knot in the chest that happens when I'm at my wits' end with the kids isn't there today. Today I am thankful we have a park to go to even if the water doesn't work. I'm thankful I have two children that are full of energy. I'm thankful to have friends to eat lunch with. Indeed I am thankful for my sometimes frustrating, but always wonderful NORMAL life! God is so good.

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Nellie said...

Glad you had the opportunity to have Dad/Dadoo to yourselves for a day or two. He enjoyed spending time with "his babies" despite the reason that brought him there.

Thank you for taking such good care of him!