Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Random Tidbits

We were in Long Beach, CA over the weekend. This was my first time to Southern California since I went to Disney as a VERY small child. That was the wonderful trip many of you have heard about where my dad fashioned a child restraint our of a dog leash. I guess those nifty little harnesses we have now didn't exist, so he just used what he had. I've always given him a hard time about that, but now that I'm a parent and have actually spent money on a little blue harness for Paris (which was utterly pointless by the way) I have much more respect for his methods.

Anyway, the trip was great. We were there for a conference, but it really felt more like a vacation. I'm not sure I've ever experienced weather quite like that. It was amazing. It made me think, "wow, I could live here!" Then I remembered....this was California. It's going to fall off one day. I guess I'll stick to Texas and just vacation to nicer climates when I can. Have you noticed that most places with "nicer climates" have some sort of serious draw back? Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Liberals etc........ just a thought. And no, I don't really lump Liberals in with "natural disasters", I just thought they should make the list of drawbacks for this southern conservative.

On another topic....my most all time favorite rock start is going to be on Oprah tomorrow!!! A whole entire hour of Job Bon Jovi!!!!! I can not wait! If I had DVR I would record it. As it is, I've got a timer set on my cable box to automatically tune in. Did you know that Bon Jovi has been married for 16 years and has four kids? He's a total rarity in the Hollywood/Music industry. Not to mention he makes great music and is TOTALLY hot.

Yes, I know. I'm a married woman. Fortunately for me my husband knows of my "little crush" and has no problem. Something about the "unattainable" I think makes it OK. Besides, Easy has a thing for Molly Shannon. That's right folks, the arm pit sniffing comic from SNL. Personally, I think I have better taste when it comes to unrealistic famous people crushes.


Jason said...

Wait a minute. You put liberals in with earthquakes, floods, and hurricane? If anything, that helps my opinion of an area.

Then again, I guess you would expect a liberal to want to be where other liberals are.

sarahdawn said...

Just as you would expect a conservative to stick with conservatives. I love that we are friends despite our differences!

Traca said...

I can't believe I missed Bon Jovi on Oprah! I love, love, love Bon Jovi... in fact Brodie took me to the concert when they were in Houston a few years ago as our anniversary present! I'm right there with you girl... he's so HOT and the fact that he is such a great dad/father just adds to the appeal!