Monday, October 06, 2008

A Nemo Moment

This weekend Paris decided to watch Finding Nemo. She's been watching this moving since she was tiny so we thought nothing of it. I little while later we hear squeals of laughter and our precious daughter repeating over and over "Nemo touched the butt!" We couldn't help but laugh. It took her 6 year sof life to discover that "Nemo touched the butt" (which is actually a boat in case you haven't seen the film) was funny. I'm going to go with peer influence in making a previously innocuous (sp?) statement the joke of the century.

I have to also say that this is one area we've done pretty good with as parents. We have a "no buts" rule in our house. Your "butt" is to be referred to with other terms like hiney, caboose, rear end, bottom, and on rare crass occasions - booty. And if a child in our house ever begins a response with "But...." - well, that's a straight to the corner offense. The rule is simple - No Buts.

Sadly the "no whining" rule has not been as effective.


The Robinsons said...

I love Nemo! (And that line always cracks me up, too...glad to know my sense of humor is still as sharp as that of a 6 year old :)

debralynne said...

lol...I was glad for this light post today. I'll have to watch the movie more carefully so I can catch that part next time. Stephanie's new on is off "The Bee Movie". She thinks it's hillarious when he says, "Scared out of my shorts? Check!" She just won't stop laughing!!!! They find the craziest things silly.

Love to you all

Me said...

Is "betox" a no-no too? My boys would so be in the corner at your house, especially when there's a good song on the radio and mom shakes her "betox". :) (and grosses them out I might add).