Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And we're off!!!

To a really great start too! The first day off school came and went with such little fanfare that it was weird. I walked Paris in to her classroom yesterday and she sat down at her desk and started her work. I had to ask for a sugar before I left. She gave me the sugar along with a look that said, "OK Mom, you can go now." My big girl! First grade seems so much more grown up than Kindergarten did. She has her own desk with her own supplies. They didn't even have desks last year. I go to orientation tonight so I'm sure I'll get more details on what the year will be like. For now I'm just thrilled that she is happy and willing to get out of the car and go in to eat breakfast everyday. Since Tripp will be going to school everyday this year Paris has to eat at school to make our schedule work out right. She loves it and hopped out of the van without even a wave today. Thinking back on the first week of school last year - wow, what a difference!

For those of you who might be wondering. I did get a dress for that awards thing with Easy. My Nana insited on giving me $ to buy something new. The really amazing part is that I found a dress that I really loved and man was it a deal! Normally priced $99 - I got it for $23. It took $10 of repair work (it had two popped seams) and it was good to go. I had enough money left to buy a new body shaper thing - my old one was too big! How cool is that?!? I got some new jewelery and a clutch and it was one smashing evening. I got a "wow" from my husband. It was fabulous.

So, this weird thing is happening to me. Typically at this sort of event I would feel like I was playing dress up. I would be intimidated by all the people I met and be nervous the whole time. Instead, it was great and fun and felt pretty natural. Between that and Paris starting 1st grade and all the rest of the things happening in my life I'm starting to actually feel like a......grown up. I've often wondered when this would happen. I've even asked my mom before when she started to feel like a grown up. Up until this summer I kind of felt like I was playing at all of it. I don't know what changed exactly, but I don't feel that way anymore. I'm not playing house anymore. This is my home and my family and I am really comfortable being the grown up (along with my amazing Smooch) in the house. Weird, I know.


Perks said...

I must say when I saw you last (I guess Wed night) walking past me, I thought "Man, she looks great!" I even did a double take!

I've been meaning to tell you that. Forgive me for forgetting to email you.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad that school is going smooth for Paris.

Calling Out 100 said...

Sometimes I don't want to feel so grown-up. It was much more fun being a kid!!! Who knew? I want to see a picture of the hot momma!! :) I'm sure you were just gorgeous! Love you friend!

Nellie's Nuggets said...

Woo-hoo! You're a grown up! So, does that mean I can start being a kid again?! Love you!

By the way - you've been a grown up for a very, very LONG time, sweetie. I'm proud of both of our grown up children.